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Ke Li

Ke Li


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Welcome to the UW Medical Physics Department. We are a basic science department in the School of Medicine and Public Health. Our faculty provide comprehensive graduate education in medical physics, and our research strives to improve health by developing and implementing accurate, sensitive and safe medical imaging and detection systems and systems for radiation treatment of cancer.

Together with our clinical colleagues, we advance the state-of-the-art in patient care with sensitive imaging systems, minimally invasive, personalized treatments, and time-sensitive treatment monitoring and image analysis. Our clinical faculty provide expert medical physics service to centers in Madison, the state of Wisconsin, and beyond.

Medical Physics offices and labs are located in the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research, adjacent to UW Hospitals and the Health Sciences Learning Center on the western edge of the University of Wisconsin campus.

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What Is Medical Physics?

Medical Physics is the application of physics and physics principles to create new and more effective medical imaging and patient treatment devices, and to assure safe and effective use of these instruments when caring for patients.

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