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Department position in the School of Medicine and Public Health

Medical Physics is one of 10 basic science departments in the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. The department has 30 faculty members, many with cross appointments or affiliate appointments in one or more clinical departments. These include Radiology, Human Oncology, Psychiatry, and Medicine. Several faculty have cross appointments in the School of Engineering, in Nuclear Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Biomedical Engineering.

Support for the Medical Physics department comes both from the medical school and research grants and contracts. The base budget for medical school support follows a process known as Mission Aligned Management and Allocation, or MAMA. The medical school supports medical physics in its mission of teaching, research, and service, with formula budget lines related to faculty contributions in each of these areas.

The department offices are in the L1 and B levels of the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research, or WIMR. It shares laboratory space on these floors with Radiology and with Human Oncology, and it is closely aligned with the Paul Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center, which has labs and offices in the L3-L7 levels of WIMR tower 1.

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