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  • Ed Jackson
    Edward Jackson, Ph.D.
    Department Chair
    Room 1016 WIMR
  • Amy Martens
    Amy Martens, MBA
    Administrator & Director, Business Services
    Room 1006 WIMR
  • JoAnn Kronberg
    JoAnn Kronberg
    Assistant to the Chair

    Areas of Service: Academic Affairs, Capital Equipment Management, Executive & Faculty Meeting Management, Event Coordination, Administrative Services
    Room 1018 WIMR
  • Mary Paskey
    Mary Paskey
    Research Administrator

    Areas of Service: Research Administration
    Room 1012 WIMR
  • Melissa Zhang
    Human Resources Business Partner

    Areas of Service: Human Resources
  • Devyn Prielipp
    Devyn Prielipp
    Human Resources Business Partner

    Areas of Service: Human Resources
    Room 1002 WIMR
  • Clint Colby
    Clint Colby
    Financial Specialist

    Areas of Service: 136 Account Management, Financial Transactions
    Room 1004 WIMR
  • Kymmy Lomax
    Kymmy Lomax
    Financial Specialist Senior

    Areas of Service: Procard Management, E-Reimbursement Management, Fund Balance Reporting, Financial Transactions
    Room 1011 WIMR
  • Carol Aspinwall
    Carol Aspinwall
    Educational Programs Coordinator

    Areas of Service: Graduate Program, Training Grant, and Residency Administration
    Room 1008 WIMR
  • Lyddia Ruch-Doll
    Lyddia Ruch-Doll
    Administrative Support

    Areas of Service: Front Desk Services, Travel Reimbursements, Supply Purchasing, Building Access, Event Coordination, Administrative Services
    Room 1005 WIMR
  • Yacouba Traore
    Yacouba Traore, M.Ed.
    IT Manager

    Areas of Service: Desktop, Server, and Network Administration and Support
    Room 1115 WIMR
  • Charles Reinke
    Charles Reinke
    Web Developer

    Areas of Service: Website Maintenance and Development, Database Management and Development, Desktop Support
    Room 1004 WIMR
  • Kelsey Felicijan
    Kelsey Felicijan
    Student Help
  • Natalie Ryan
    Natalie Ryan
    Student Help

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