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2017 [Top] Mariajose Bedoya PhD
David Campos PhD (Thesis: Radiation Induces Live-Cell Metabolic Fluxes: an in vitro Demonstration)
Maria Cornejo Ramirez PhD (Thesis: The Role of Physiological Noise in Resting State Functional Connectivity Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
David Dunkerley PhD (Thesis: Development of a 3D device guidance platform for the Scanning-Beam Digital X-ray (SBDX) system)
Jessica Fagerstrom PhD (Thesis: Optimized Orthovoltage Stereotactic Radiosurgery)
Everardo Flores-Martinez PhD (Thesis: Interferometer-Based Calorimetric Measurements of Absorbed Dose to Water in External Beam Radiotherapy)
John Garrett PhD (Thesis: Advances in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Image Reconstruction, Artifact Correction, and Dose Reduction)
Yongshuai Ge PhD (Thesis: Toward a clinical multi-contrast x-ray imaging system: Novel solutions to address key technical challenges)
Stephen Graves PhD (Thesis: Production and applications of long-lived positron-emitting radionuclides)
Quinton Guerrero PhD
Debra Horng PhD
Patrick Lao PhD (Thesis: Development of a multimodal approach to the neuroimaging of Alzheimer's disease)
Courtney Morrison PhD (Thesis: Development and evaluation of high spatiotemporal resolution dynamic contrast-enhanced breast MRI)
Haidy Nasief PhD (Thesis: 2D/ 3D Quantitative Ultrasound of the Breast)
Miles Olsen PhD
Timothy Perk PhD (Thesis: Image Analysis Techniques for Whole Bone Assessment)
Samantha Simiele PhD (Thesis: Advancements in Electronic Brachytherapy Dosimetry Methods)
Jordan Slagowski PhD (Thesis: C-arm inverse geometry CT for 3D cardiac chamber mapping)
Hector Valdovinos PhD (Thesis: Production, labeling and in vivo studies with the theranostic positron-emitting radiometals 44Sc, 55/58m/58gCo, 61/64Cu, 86Y and 69Ge)
Brandon Walker PhD, Postdoc (Thesis: A Modular Multi-Source X-ray Tube for Novel Computed Tomography Applications)
Wenjun Yang PhD (Thesis: Monitoring Microwave Ablation Treatments for Liver Tumors Using Ultrasound Elastography)
2016 [Top] Jacob Beres MS
Abigail Besemer PhD (Thesis: Development, validation, and implementation of a patient-specific Monte Carlo 3D internal dosimetry platform)
Connor Brennan MS
Christina Brunnquell PhD (Thesis: Molecular MRI and PET Methods for Detection of Transplanted Stem Cells and Cancer)
Steven Ellefson MS (Thesis: The Development of a ViewRay-Compatible Corrections Algorithm for the ArcCHECK-MR Diode Array)
Camille Garcia-Ramos PhD (Thesis: Graph Theory on Neuroanatomical and Neurofunctional Development in New-Onset Pediatric Epilepsy)
Stephanie Harmon PhD (Thesis: Molecular Imaging Biomarkers of Prostate and Lung Cancer)
Larry Hernandez PhD (Thesis: Moving Beyond First Generation Radial Imaging: 3D Rosette-like Acquisition for Improved Articular Assessment)
Reinier Hernandez PhD (Thesis: Targeted Molecular Imaging of Brain Cancer)
Megan Hyun PhD (Thesis: Improving Dose Determination Accuracy in Nonstandard Fields of the Varian TrueBeam Accelerator)
Michael Lawless PhD (Thesis: Development of Kilovoltage X-ray Dosimetry Methods and Their Application to Cone Beam Computed Tomography)
Ricardo Pizarro PhD (BME) (Thesis: Estimating Neural Networks with State-of-the-Art Neuronal Computational Models)
Alfonso Rodriguez PhD (Thesis: The Effect of High Resolution Kernels, Iterative Reconstruction, and Acquisition Parameters on Quantitative Computed Tomography Measures of the Lung)
Madhav Venkateswaran PhD (EE)
Svyatoslav Vergun PhD (Thesis: Resting State fMRI and Machine Learning Applications in Healthy and Patient Populations)
Lianggong (Bruce) Wen PhD (Thesis: Texture analysis applied to second harmonic generation image data for disease classification& development of multi-view second harmonic generation imaging platform)
2015 [Top] Laura Bell PhD (Thesis: Assessment of Pulmonary Perfusion using T1-Weighted Dynamic Contrast Enhances MRI)
Tobey Betthauser MS
Tyler Bradshaw PhD (Thesis: Target Definition in Biologically-Conformal Radiation Therapy)
Tyler Fowler PhD (Thesis: A Novel High-Throughput Irradiator for in vitro Radiation Sensitivity Bioassays)
Andrew Hoy PhD (Thesis: Diffusion Tensor Imaging with Free Water Elimination)
Atul Ingle PhD (EE)
Christian La PhD (Neuroscience) (Thesis: Implications of the Intrinsic Slow-5 Oscillations in the Network Disruptions in Aging & Ischemic Stroke)
Katherine Lake MS (BME)
Jarrod Lentz MS
Fang Liu PhD (Thesis: Rapid Multi-Component Relaxation Mapping of Human Knee Joint)
Michael Loecher PhD (Thesis: Improved Correction, Reconstruction, and Analysis Methods for 4D-Flow MRI)
Martha Malin PhD (Thesis: Energy-Based Dosimetry of Low-Energy, Photon-Emitting Brachytherapy Sources)
Travis McCaw PhD (Thesis: Characterization of Interplay Errors in Step-and-Shoot Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy of the Lung)
David Niles PhD (Thesis: MRI Biomarkers for Renal Function and Disease)
Kai Niu PhD (Thesis: Radiation dose reduction and new image modalities development for interventional C-arm imaging system)
Remi Patriat PhD (Thesis: Resting-state fMRI Study of Pediatric Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Preprocessing Optimization and Clinical Observations)
Surendra Prajapati PhD (Thesis: Development of micro-radiotherapy within the design of integrated small animal imaging and therapy system: an open source medical devices initiative )
Joshua Reed PhD (Thesis: Characterization of Low-Energy Photon-Emitting Brachytherapy Sources with Modified Strengths for Applications in Focal Therapy)
Ben Rosen PhD (Thesis: Advanced Radiochromic Film Methodologies for Quantitative Dosimetry of Small and Nonstandard Fields )
Eric Schrauben PhD (Thesis: 4D Flow MRI Post-Processing Strategies for Neuropathologies)
Peter Scully PhD (Thesis: Imaging Biomarkers of Treatment Response: Applications to Clinical Trials)
Adam Uselmann PhD (Thesis: A Study of the Electromagnetic Properties of the Dielectric Wall Accelerator)
Xiao Wang PhD (Thesis: Characterization of Carotid Plaque Vulnerability using Quantitative Ultrasound and Strain Imaging)
Yue Yan PhD (Thesis: Dosimetric and Biologic Characteristics of Flattened and Flattening-Filter-Free Beams of Linac System)
You Ming Yang PhD (Thesis: Concurrent Monte Carlo Transport and Fluence Optimization)
Areli Zuniga PhD (Thesis: Generalized Tumor Dose for Treatment Planning Decision Support)
2014 [Top] Vikram Adhikarla PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Imaging-based modeling of vasculature growth and response to anti-angiogenic therapy)
Ashley Anderson III PhD (Thesis: Motion Characterization and Compensation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Radial Trajectories)
Ksenija Bernau PhD (BME) (Thesis: In Vivo Tracking of Human Neural Progenitor Cells in the Rat Brain using Magnetic Resonance and Bioluminescence Imaging)
Jeremy Bredfeldt PhD (Thesis: Collagen Alignment Imaging and Analysis for Breast Cancer Classification)
Leah Henze PhD (BME) (Thesis: High Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Bilateral Breast Using an Accelerated 3D Radial Trajectory)
Ansel Hillmer PhD (Thesis: Imaging α4β2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors with [18F]Nifene PET)
Samuel Hurley PhD (Thesis: Rapid and Accurate Single and Multicomponent Relaxometry Using Steady-State Acquisitions)
Ngoneh Jallow PhD (Thesis: Comprehensive assessment of uncertainties and errors in [18F]NaF PET imaging)
Valerie Joers PhD (Neuroscience) (Thesis: Cardiac Dysautonomia and Neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s Disease: a Nonhuman Primate Model)
Stanley Kruger PhD (Thesis: Regional Pulmonary Ventilation Assessment with MRI)
Matthew LaFontaine PhD (Thesis: The Viability of DCE-CT Kinetic Analysis in Tumor Vasculature Imaging in Veterinary Medicine)
Chi Ma PhD (Thesis: Cardiac Strain Imaging with Lagrangian Tracking)
Eenas Omari PhD (EE) (Thesis: Ultrasound Strain and Attenuation Imaging for Detection of Uterine Masses)
Kurt Pedersen MS
Mariela Porras-Chaverri PhD (Thesis: Patient-oriented breast imaging dosimetry for conventional mammography)
Aaron (Dwayne) Riley MS (Thesis: Determination of the absorbed-dose rate to water of a planar opthalmic applicator with a windowless extrapolation chamber.)
Ivan Rosado-Mendez PhD, Postdoc (Thesis: Advanced Spectral Analysis Methods for Quantification of Coherent Ultrasound Scattering: Applications in the Breast)
Kevin Royalty PhD (BME) (Thesis: 4D DSA: New Methods and Applications for 3D Time-Resolved Angiography for C-arm CT Interventional Imaging)
Nicholas Rubert PhD (Thesis: Quantitative Ultrasound Imaging of Termal Ablation Therapy in the Liver)
Daniel Saenz PhD (Thesis: MRI-Guided Target Motion Quantification using Dynamic Automatic Segmentation)
Mahdi Salmani Rahimi PhD (BME) (Thesis: Cartesian Undersampling and Two-Point Fat-Water Separation for Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Angiography)
Nade Sritanyaratana PhD (BME) (Thesis: MR Imaging Surrogate Marker Development in Cross Relaxation Imaging of Cartilage)
Natalie Weisse MS
Paul Wickre MS
2013 [Top] Habib Al Saleh PhD (Thesis: MRI of Degenerative Joint Disease in the Musculoskeletal System)
Ishmael Amarreh PhD (Neuroscience) (Thesis: Characterizing the Etiology and Natural History of Neuro-developmental Abnormalities in Brain Structure of Children with New-onset Epilepsy)
Laura Bartol PhD (Thesis: Spectroscopic characterization of high-energy and high fluence rate photon beams)
Matthew Bayer PhD (Thesis: Ultrasonic Motion Tracking for Large Multi-Step Deformations)
Stephen Brunner PhD (Thesis: Prior image constrained image reconstruction in emerging computed tomography applications)
William (Billy) Burnside MS
Andrew Ellis PhD (Thesis: Effects of Respiratory Motion and Risk-Region Misclassification on Subvolume Boosting in Radiotherapy)
Paulina Galavis PhD (Thesis: Robust Tumor Segmentation for Radiotherapy Target Definition)
Jeremy Gordon PhD (Thesis: Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Hyperpolarized 13C Contrast Agents)
Athena Heredia PhD (Thesis: Developing a Directional High-Dose Rate Brachytherapy Source)
John Gabe Heredia PhD (Thesis: Support Vector Machine Tissue Classification of Multiparametric MRI Tumor Data)
Ameer Hosseinbor PhD (Thesis: Diffusion MRI Modeling: Theory and Applications)
Stephanie Junell PhD (Thesis: Dosimetry for Small and Nonstandard Fields)
Ke Li PhD (Thesis: Performance studies of x-ray differential phase contrast tomographic imaging systems in medical diagnosis using modern signal detection theories)
Qing Liang PhD, Postdoc (Thesis: Patient-specific CT dose determination from CT images using Monte Carlo simulations)
Rachel McKinsey PhD (Thesis: A Study of Cerebral Perfusion in Alzheimer’s Dementia and Adult Offspring of Patients with Alzheimer’s Dementia Using Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast MRI )
Jessica Miller PhD (Thesis: Characterization and Optimization of Microionization Chambers)
Elizabeth Nett PhD (Thesis: Functional Imaging in Congenital Heart Disease with 3D Cine Phase Contrast MRI)
Timothy Szczykutowicz PhD, Postdoc (Thesis: Fluence field modulated computed tomography: Implemented using digital beam attenuation)
Yinghua Tao PhD, Postdoc (Thesis: Low dose CT myocardial perfusion and CT coronary angiography)
Michael Tomkowiak PhD (BME) (Thesis: Coronary Vessel Quantification for Interventional Device Sizing using Inverse Geometry X-ray Fluoroscopy )
Long Tong MS
Angela Weier MS
Andrew Wentland PhD (Thesis: Flow in Radially Acquired Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Methods and Applications in Atherosclerotic Disease)
Dustin Wooten PhD (Thesis: The Development of PET Techniques to Study the 5-HT1A System)
Haiyan Xu PhD (EE) (Thesis: Ultrasound Shear Strain Imaging for Breast Cancer Classification)
Stephen Yip PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Applications of Image Registration in Cancer Treatment Response Assessment)
Jialu Yu PhD (Thesis: Is dose accumulation required? Implications of adaptive dose guidance)
Suhong Yu PhD (Thesis: Detection of Fetal Cardiac Repolarization Abnormalities using Magnetocardiography)
Elizabeth Zakszewski PhD (Thesis: Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Tractography in the Rhesus Macaque Brain)
Yin Zhang PhD (Thesis: Molecular Imaging of Tumor Angiogenesis)
2012 [Top] Samuel Adams MS
Nicholas Bevins PhD (Thesis: X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging: Evaluating Clinical Utility)
Eric Bultman PhD (BME) (Thesis: Quantitative MR imaging: Applications to chronic liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma)
Naser Darwish PhD (Thesis: Investigation of on-board PET with TomoTherapy)
John Floberg PhD (Thesis: Novel Denoising methods for Dynamic Positron Emission Tomorgraphy)
Regina Fulkerson PhD (Thesis: Dosimetric Characterization of Surface Applicators Used with High Dose Rate Ir-292 and Miniature Electronic Brachytherapy Sources)
Patric Hernandez PhD (Neuroscience) (Thesis: A Neuroanatomical Investigation of Generalized Anxiety Disorder)
Dustin Jacqmin PhD (DUALDegree) (Thesis: Macro-Step Monte Carlo Methods and their Applications in Proton Radiotherapy and Optical Photon Transport)
Michael Kan MS
Steve Kecskemeti PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Accelerated magnetic resonance cardiovascular imaging and velocimetry using undersampled radial acquisitions)
Lauren Keith PhD (Thesis: Time-Resolved, Contrast-Enhanced MR Angiography of the Peripheral Vessels with Radial Sampling and HYPR Reconstruction)
Bradley McCabe PhD (Thesis: Dosimetric comparisons between the scanning beam digital X-ray (SBDX) system and a conventional flat-panel cardiac fluoroscopic imaging system)
Kibo Nam PhD (EE) (Thesis: Quantitative Ultrasound Imaging of In Vivo Breast Tumors)
Gary Pack PhD (Comp Sci) (Thesis: Semiparametric Geometric Methods for Extracting and Modeling White Matter Volumetric Structures of the Brain)
Adam Paxton PhD (Thesis: Improved Dosimetry for 90Y Microsphere Treatments of Liver Malignancies)
Tina Pike PhD (Thesis: A Dosimetric Characterization of an Electronic Brachytherapy Source in Terms of Absorbed Dose to Water)
Brianna Schuyler PhD (Neuroscience) (Thesis: The Role of Prefrontal Cortex and Amygdala Dynamics in Emotion Regulation)
Jonathon Seaton MS
Evan Sengbusch PhD (Thesis: Treatment Planning, Optimization, and Beam Delivery Techniques for Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy)
Christine Swanson PhD (Neuroscience) (Thesis: Neuroprotective properties associated with ligands of the nuclear receptor PPAR-gamma in Parkinson's disease models)
Pascal Theriault Lauzier PhD (Thesis: Quantitative assessment of prior image constrained compressed sensing in the context of cardiac CT imaging)
Benjamin Titz PhD (Thesis: Development of a Molecular Imaging-Based Tumor Simulation Framework)
Ranjini Tolakanahalli PhD (Thesis: Nonlinear Dynamics Based 4D Dose Guided Radiotherapy for Moving Tumors)
John Weidner PhD (Thesis: The Production of 13N from Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion)
Huimin Wu PhD (Thesis: Intracranial angiography using pseudo continuous ASL (PCASL) and accelerated 3D radial acquisition)
Heming Zhen PhD (Thesis: Improving Patient-Specific Pre-Treatment Quality Assurance)
2011 [Top] Stephen Bowen PhD (Thesis: Development of PET Imaging-Based Dose-Painting Prescriptions)
Venkata Chebrolu PhD (BME) (Thesis: Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Staging and Adaptive Treatment Planning)
Ryan DeWall PhD (BME) (Thesis: Shear Wave Velocity Imaging Using Transient Needle Vibration for Monitoring Thermal Ablative Therapies)
Jonathan Engle PhD (Thesis: Production of Electrophilic Radiohalogen PET Synthons: [18F]F2 and [34mC1]C1F)
Ted Fisher PhD (Thesis: Advancements Towards Real-Time 3D Ultrasound Elastography)
Patrick Hill PhD (Thesis: Fan Beam Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy )
Joshua Hubbell MS
Brian Hundertmark PhD (Thesis: Minimizing Uncertainties in Mega-Voltage Radiotherapy)
Steven LaFontaine MS
Keisha McCall PhD (Thesis: Effect of Patient Set-Up Respiration Motion on Defining Biological Targets for Image-Guided Targeted Radiotherapy)
Matthew McCormick PhD (BME) (Thesis: Carotid Plaque Characterization with Medical Ultrasound )
Jacqueline Moga PhD (Thesis: Characterization of low-energy photon-emitting brachytherapy sources and kilovoltage x-ray beams using spectrometry)
Matthew Nyflot PhD (Thesis: Multimodility Imaging of Tumor Phenotype and Response to Therapy)
Zhihua Qi PhD (Thesis: Four-dimensional cone beam computed tomography using prior image constrained compressed sensing (PICCS-4DCBCT): Clinical implementation and evaluation)
Matthew Smith PhD (Thesis: Interventional MRI Hardware and Functional Imaging Techniques for Detection and Staging of Cancer)
Matt Vanderhoek PhD (Thesis: A Comprehensive Methodology For PET-Based Treatment Response Assessment)
Dongxu Wang PhD (Thesis: On Path Uncertainty and Range Limit in Proton Computed Tomography)
Kang Wang PhD (Thesis: Application of Accelerated Acquisition and Highly Constrained Reconstruction Methods to MR)
2010 [Top] Nathan Artz PhD (Thesis: Assessing Renal Perfusion in Native and Transplanted Kidneys Using Arterial Spin Labeling MRI)
Adam Bayliss MS
Edward Bender PhD (Thesis: Non-Uniform Dose Distributions in Cranial Radiation Therapy)
Timothy Betts PhD (Thesis: Metallic Alloys for Use in Radiographic Phantoms)
Jionghan Dai MS
Michael Deveau MS
Benjamin Grabow MS
Joseph Grudzinski PhD (Thesis: A Whole-Body Pharmacokinetic Model for the Early Assessment of Targeted Radionuclide Therapy Agents)
Catherine Hines PhD (BME) (Thesis: Noninvasive Quantitative Biomarkers of Fatty Liver Disease with MRI)
Jessica Klaers PhD (Thesis: High Field Steady State MR Imaging: Advanced Acquisition & Reconstruction Methods)
Lidija Krstevski MS
Greg Lucas MS
Nana Aba Mensah-Brown PhD (Thesis: A Magneto-Mechanical Assessment of the Human Fetal Heart)
Eric Peterson PhD (BME) (Thesis: Functional MR Imaging Using Hyperpolarized Contrast Agents)
Julie Raffi PhD (Thesis: Limitations of Current Dosimetry for Intracavitary Accelerated Partical Breast Irradiation with High Dose Rate 192Ir and Electronic Brachtherapy Sources)
Cal Schmidt MS
Gregory Severin PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Calibration and the Use of a Superconducting Beta Spectrometer)
Janelle Shook MS (BME)
Dinesh Tewatia PhD (Thesis: Detection of Chaotic Determinism of Lung Cancer Patients’ Breathing Patterns and Tracking of Moving Lung Tumors Using dMLC)
Erich Urban MS
Evan Western MS
Joseph Wildenberg PhD (Neuroscience) (Thesis: Sustained Neuromodulation Induced by Electrical Tongue Stimulation in Balance Disorders)
Ji Woong Yang MS
Joseph Zambelli PhD (Thesis: Design and Characterization of a Phase Contrast X-ray CT System)
Xu Zhai MS
Miao Zhang PhD (Thesis: Investigation of Geometric Uncertainty Introduced Dosimetric Variation in Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) and Its Intervention)
2009 [Top] David Barbee PhD (Thesis: PET Imaging, Quantification and Partial Volume Correction of Tumor Heterogeneity)
Rachel Barbee PhD (Thesis: Kinetic analysis of [18F]FLT, [18F]Fallypride and the environmental neurotoxin [11C]Paraquat in pregnant non-human Primates)
Courtney Bateman MS (Thesis: Lose Dose Myocardial Perfusion CT Using Highly Constrained Backprojection (HYPR))
Shyam Bharat PhD (EE) (Thesis: Electrode Displacement Strain Imaging for Thermal Ablative Therapies)
Hao Chen PhD (EE) (Thesis: Cardio Elastography)
Stephen Davis PhD (Thesis: Air-kerma Strength Determination of a Miniature X-ray Source for Brachytherapy Applications)
Ben Durkee PhD (Thesis: Preclinical Detection of Colorectal Cancer for Evaluation of Chemotherapeutics and Radiopharmaceuticals)
Eric Ehler PhD (Thesis: Intrafraction Tumor Management Techniques in Imaging, Treatment Planning, and IMRT Delivery)
John Graner PhD (Thesis: Optimization of PET Study Design and Analysis by an Impulse Response Function Approach)
Catherine Moran PhD (Thesis: Accelerated Radial Magnetic Resonance Lesion Characterization)
Rafael O'Halloran PhD (Thesis: Accelerated Imaging with Constrained Reconstruction and Under-Sampled Radial Acquisition: to Hyperpolarized Helium-3 MRI)
Angelica Perez-Andujar PhD (Thesis: Theoretical and Experimental Neutron Dose Determination for Proton Therapy Delivery Techniques)
Karl Rasmussen PhD (Thesis: On the Use of Pulsed Reduced Dose Rate for Improvement of the Therapeutic Ratio)
Leah Schubert PhD (Thesis: Image-Guided Radiation Therapy for Treatment Delivery and Verification)
Emilie Soisson PhD (Thesis: Tomotherapy and Stereostatic Radiosurgery)
Mark Supanich PhD (Thesis: Radiation Dose Reduction Techniques for Contrast-Enhanced, Dynamic Cerebral Computed Tomography)
Nicholas Vandehey PhD (Thesis: PET Assay of Extrastriatal Dopamine D2/D3 Receptors)
David Westerly PhD (Thesis: Strategies for Improved Accuracy and Efficiency with Advanced Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Techniques)
Rafael Yah MS
2008 [Top] Timothy Burns MS
Christopher Campen MS
Vibha Chaswal PhD (Thesis: Adjoint Based Treatment Planning for Brachytherapy: Novel Techniques & Further Developments)
Matthew Christensen MS
Matthew Daniels PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Temperature Estimation With Ultrasound)
Maritza Hobson PhD (Thesis: Prospects for Effective Uterine and Cervical Elastography)
Kevin Johnson PhD (Thesis: : Acceleration and Correction of Phase Contrast Velocimetry for Angiography and Hemodynamic Quantification)
Lindsay Jones MS
Lee Kiessel PhD (Thesis: Evaluation of a Pressure Sensing Array for use with Ultrasound Strain Imaging)
Hyungsuk Kim PhD (EE) (Thesis: Novel Ultrasound Signal Processing Methods for Attenuation Estimation)
Kevin Kvasnica MS (DUALDegree)
Stephen Laczniak MS (DUALDegree)
Shuai Leng PhD (Thesis: Novel Methods To Address Data Truncation Artifacts and Streaking Artifacts In 4D Cone-Beam Computed Tomography)
Ryan Lipscomb MS
Jing Liu PhD (EE) (Thesis: Variable-Density MRI K-Space Scanning: Acquisition and Reconstruction for Dynamic Imaging)
Eibsee Marquez MS
Daniel McDonald MS (DUALDegree)
Sheridan Meltsner PhD (Thesis: Dosimetry of the Leksell Gamma Knife®)
Shawn Moorehead MS
Brian Nett PhD (Thesis: Image Guided Interventions Via Novel Cone-Beam Data Acquisition and Reconstruction Methods)
Rown Parola MS (DUALDegree)
Min Rao PhD (Thesis: Shear Strain Elastography for Breast Cancer Diagnosis)
Brian Rasmussen MS
Manuel Rodriguez PhD (Thesis: Design and Dosimetry of Small Animal Radiation Facilities)
Yi Rong PhD (Thesis: The Validation of a Dynamic Adaptive Radiotherapy (DART) System)
Suzanne Witt PhD (Thesis: A Comparison of Computational Methods to Calculate Effective Connectivity from fMRI Time Series Data)
Yan Wu PhD (EE) (Thesis: Highly constrained backprojection (HYPR) for contrast enhanced MRA)
Tingliang Zhuang PhD (Thesis: Cone-Beam Reconstruction Algorithms Development and Validation for C-arm Cone-Beam CT)
2007 [Top] Jihad Al-Sadah PhD (Thesis: Ultrasound Angular Scatter Imaging and Sound Speed Determinations with Array Transducers)
Miguel Avila-Rodriguez PhD (Thesis: Low Energy Cyclotron Production of Multivalent Transition Metals for PET Imaging and Therapy)
Ryan Flynn PhD (Thesis: A Comparison Of Intensity Modulated X-Ray Therapy To Intensity Modulated proton Therapy For the Delivery Of Non-Uniform Dose Distributions)
Mark Geurts MS (DUALDegree)
Alonso Gutierrez PhD (Thesis: Clinical Applications of Image Guided-Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IG-IMRT) for Conformal Avoidance of Normal Tissues)
Shannon Holmes PhD (Thesis: Investigation of Beta Emitting Brachytherapy Sources)
Young Kyoo Jung PhD (EE) (Thesis: Reconstruction methods for exploiting non-Cartesian steady-state MR imaging)
Yusung Kim PhD (Thesis: Risk-Adaptive Radiotherapy)
Wu Liu PhD (Thesis: In Vivo Ultrasound Scatterer Size Imaging on Liver Tumors with a Clinical Scanner)
Alan McMillan PhD (BME) (Thesis: Projection Reconstruction Methods for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Michael Meltsner PhD (Thesis: Proposed: Design and Optimization of a Brachytherapy Robot)
John Perry MS
Elizabeth Ruedig MS
Reed Selwyn PhD (Thesis: Image-based Dosimetry for Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) Using Y-90 Micropsheres)
Hairong Shi PhD (Thesis: Atherosclerotic Carotid Plaque Characterization Using Ultrasound and Elastography)
Charles Wallace MS
2006 [Top] Stewart Becker PhD (Thesis: Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation in the Prone Position with Helical Tomotherapy)
Sarah Boswell PhD (Thesis: Improving geometric accuracy in radiation delivery using helical tomotherapy)
Ethan Brodsky PhD (EE) (Thesis: Comprehensive Acquisition, Reconstruction, and Visualization for Diagnostic and Interventional Time-Resolved 3D MR Angiography)
Nathan Corradini MS (DUALDegree)
Wesley Culberson PhD (Thesis: Large-Angle Ionization Chambers for Brachytherapy Air-Kerma-Strength Measurements)
David Ellerbusch PhD (Thesis: Objective Performance Evaluation Methods Adapted to Helical and Multislice CT Scanner)
James Holmes PhD (Thesis: Non-Invasive Fusion Imaging for Regional Evaluation of Obstructive Lung Disease Using MRI and PET)
Andrew Jensen MS (Thesis: MS - Calibration of CT Ionization Chambers in Air-Kerma Length)
Michael Kissick MS
Jee Eun Lee PhD (Thesis: Anisotropic Acquisition and Analysis for Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Zhimin Li PhD (Thesis: Development of a Parametrically Modulated SERF Magnetometer)
Liyong Lin PhD (Thesis: Directional Interstitial Brachytherapy From Simulation to Application)
April Nunn MS
Richard Shaw PhD (Thesis: A Dual-Energy Kilovoltage-Megavoltage Computed Tomography Device)
Elizabeth Smith MS
Amy Sommer MS
Rina Taurisia MS (DUALDegree)
James Van Damme MS
Mengkuo Wang PhD (NEEP & Com) (Thesis: CAD-Based Monte Carlo Method - Algorithms for Geometric Evaluation in Support of Monte Carlo Radiation Transport Calculation)
Yu-Chien Wu PhD (Thesis: Diffusion MRI: Tensors and Beyond)
2005 [Top] Albert Alter PhD (Thesis: Responses of Special Imaging Detectors, Measurement of X-Ray Intensity in Mammography by a Ferroelectric Dosimeter)
Stephen Beach PhD (Thesis: Spectroscopic Characterization of Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy Sources)
Corinne Dallas MS
Joshua James MS
Cheng Koay PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Advances in Data Analysis of Diffusion Tensor Imaging)
Min Luo MS (BME)
Jacques Mallah MS
Patrick Martin MS
Kathryn McMillan PhD (Thesis: fMRI in Neuroimaging: Application in Tumor Physiology & Working Memory)
Todd Meyers MS
Jonathon Nye PhD (Thesis: Production Of Radiohalogens and [11C]-Methane at High Specific Activity)
Greg Palmer PhD (BME) (Thesis: Experimental, Computational, and Analytical Techniques for Diagnosing Breast Cancer Using Optical Spectroscopy)
Shilpa Panth MS (BME)
Venkata Seshadri MS
Timothy Stiles PhD (Thesis: Diagnostic Ultrasound Exposimetry Using a Tissue-Mimicking Liquid)
Jonathan Stone MS
Kurt Stump PhD (Thesis: Absolute Calorimetric Calibration of Low Engergy Brachytherapy Sources)
Denise Thomas MS (CommDis)
Paul Thottakara MS (BME)
Haifeng Tu PhD (Thesis: Ultrasonic Attenuation Imaging and Analysis)
Li Xu MS
Hui Zhao PhD (Thesis: Magnetocardiographic Evaluation of Fetal Arrhythmia)
2004 [Top] Todd Barnhart PhD (Thesis: Radiotracer Methodology with Applications to Functional PET/TMS )
Boris Baryshnikov PhD (Thesis: Maximum Likelihood Estimation Applied to Multiepoch MEG/EEG Analysis)
Megan Bright MS
Quan Chen PhD (Thesis: Computer Simulations in Parametric Ultrasonic Imaging)
David Dick PhD (Thesis: Investigation of [F-18]Fluoro-L-Thymidine with PET to Assess Radiotherapy Response)
Blake Dirksen MS
Cheraladhan Ganesan MS (EE)
Anthony Gerig PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Ultrasonic Scatterer Size Estimation and Imaging with a Clinical Scanner)
Tianliang Gu PhD (Thesis: PC VIPR: Phase Contrast with 3D Undersampling Projection Reconstruction)
Michael Kowalok PhD (Thesis: Adjoint Methods for External Beam Inverse Treatment Planning)
Shi-Woei Lin PhD (IE) (Thesis: Designing Incentive Systems for Risk-Informed Regulation)
Aiming Lu PhD (BME) (Thesis: Fast Isotropic T2-Weighted MRI Using 3D Radial Trajectories)
Francisco Nunez MS
Stephen Peterson PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Image-Based Dosimetry of an Implanted Radioactive Stent using Intravascular Ultrasound)
Baxter Rogers PhD (Thesis: Functional MRI Measurements of Effective Connectivity During Motor Tasks)
Ke Sheng PhD (Thesis: Concurrent Image and Dose Reconstruction for Image Guided Radiation Therapy)
Rafael Suarez PhD (Thesis: Functional Neuroimaging of the Normal Brain: A Study of Language Processing)
Ramya Sundaresan MS
Udomchai Techavipoo PhD (EE) (Thesis: Ultrasound Elastographic Imaging of Thermal Lesions and Temperature Profiles During Radiofrequency Ablation)
Luke Walker MS
Tiezhi Zhang PhD (Thesis: Respiratory Gating and 4-D Tomotherapy)
2003 [Top] Robert Aus PhD (Thesis: The Calorimetric Measurement of Low Penetrating Brachytherapy Sources)
Nathan Davis MS
Jiang Du PhD (Thesis: Time-Resolved Contrast-Enhanced Peripheral MR Angiography with Projection Reconstruction)
Marvin Glass, Jr. PhD (Thesis: Monte Carlo Models for Tomotherapy)
Ralf Hinderer PhD (Thesis: Development of an Efficient Detector Systems for Megavoltage Photons)
Hsiu-Ting Daphne Hsu MS
Susan Richardson PhD (Thesis: Quality Assurance and Treatment Verification for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy)
Emily Robinson MS
Richard Ross PhD (Thesis: Optimization of X-ray Capillary Optic Arrays for Mammography)
Michael Speidel PhD (Thesis: Performance Characteristics of the Scanning-Beam Digital X-ray (SBDX) Cardiac Imaging System)
Nicole Werner MS (BME)
Tianxiang Yang MS (EE)
Sua Yoo PhD (Thesis: Optimization of Brachytherapy Treatment Planning Using Adjoint Functions)
Elizabeth Young MS
2002 [Top] Konstantinos Arfanakis PhD (Thesis: Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Applications)
Jeremy Cole MS
Angela Laird PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Applying Nonlinear Time Series Analysis Methods to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Miriam Lambert MS
Jennifer Smilowitz PhD (Thesis: Integration of Dose Measurements and Model-Based Treatment Planning Algorithms)
Deborah Stratman MS
Yuriy Toropov MS (Computer Sciences)
Oliver Wieben PhD (EE) (Thesis: Novel Acquisition Strategies for Time-Resolved 3D Magnetic Resonance Angiography)
Clint Wood MS
Chuan Wu PhD (Thesis: Treatment Planning in Adaptive Radiotherapy)
2001 [Top] Lesley Buckley MS
Yadong Li PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Computer Simulation of Linear and Harmonic Ultrasound Imaging)
Weiguo Lu PhD (Thesis: Motion Detection and Correction for Image Guided Radiation Therapy)
Yousef Mazaheri PhD (Thesis: High Resolution Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Angiography Using Time-Resolved Acquisition and Vessel Segmentation)
Juan Miranda PhD (Thesis: Integral Neutron Kerma Coefficient Ratios for Silicon, Iron, and Oxygen-to-Carbon, in the Energy Range from 15 to 30 MeV)
Brent Purviance MS
Michael Schueller PhD (Thesis: Investigating H2 140 and 10CO2 as Cerebral Blood Flow Tracers in PET)
2000 [Top] Andrew Barger PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Fast 3D Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Undersampled Projections)
Carla Bradford PhD (Thesis: Multi-Tapered X-ray Capillary Optics for Mammography)
Gregory Cron PhD (Thesis: Quantitative Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Breast)
Warren D'Souza PhD (Thesis: A Sequential Mixed-Integer Optimization Framework for Permanent Brachytherapy Implants)
Jeffrey Kapatoes PhD (Thesis: Delivery Verification and Dose Reconstruction in Tomotherapy)
James Kofler, Jr. PhD (Thesis: Lesion Size-Dependent Signal-to-Noise Ratio Analysis as a Clinically Relevant Metric of Ultrasound Scanner Performance)
Joseph Modrick PhD (Thesis: Low Energy Photon Dosimetry Using Monte Carlo and Convolution Methods)
Jennifer Scharff MS
Karl Vigen PhD (Thesis: Improved Temporal and Spatial Resolution in Time-Resolved Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Angiography)
Jacob Waidelich MS
Thaddeus Wilson PhD (Thesis: In Vivo Frequency Dependent Backscatter Estimations in Liver)
1999 [Top] Fang Dong PhD (Thesis: Characterizing Tissue Microstructure Using An Ultrasound System-Independent Spatial Autocorrelation Function)
Jennifer Glass PhD (Thesis: Tomographic Patient Registration and Conformal Avoidance Tomography)
Adam Hoppe MS
Kimberly Howell MS
Henry Hwang MS
Julie Lengle MS
Lance Levendowski MS
Dana Peters PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Fast Contrast Enhanced Imaging with Projection Reconstruction)
Kenneth Ruchala PhD (Thesis: Megavoltage Computed Tomography for Tomotherapeutic Verification)
David Shepard PhD (Thesis: A Framework for the Optimization of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy)
Dean Skuldt MS (EE) (Thesis: Projection Dephaser Gradients in Catheter Tracking)
Gregory Wilson PhD (Physics) (Thesis: NMR Relaxation Time Measurements of 129Xe Dissolved in Tissue and Blood: Toward MR Imaging of Laser-Polarized 129Xe in Tissue)
1998 [Top] John Balog PhD (Thesis: Tomotherapy Dosimetry and the Tomotherapy Workbench)
James Chung MS
Carin Flint MS
Sam Iosevich MS
Timothy Mulnix PhD (Thesis: Implementation and Characterization of Single Photon Transmission Scanning for Attenuation Correction in PET)
Robert Orth MS
Michelle Svatos PhD (Thesis: The Macro Response Monte Carlo Method for Radiation Therapy Dose Calculations)
Michael Taylor PhD (Thesis: F-18 Labeled Volatile Anesthetics: Synthesis and In Vitro Applications)
Kristin Wedding PhD (Thesis: A Validation of the Ability of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Measure Blood Flow in Canine Coronary Arteries)
1997 [Top] Andrei Kulago MS
Katja Langen PhD (Thesis: Microdosimetric Inventigations at the Fast Neutron Therapy Facility at Fermilab)
Jeffrey Limmer MS
Todd McNutt PhD (Thesis: Post-Treatment Dose Reconstruction for Conformal Radiation Therapy and Tomotherapy Using the Convolution/Superposition Method)
Bryan Mock PhD (Thesis: Development and Evaluation of Data Collection and Analysis Strategies for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI))
Benjamin Nelms PhD (Thesis: Micro-irradiation Techniques Using Synchrotron-Produced Ultrasoft X-Rays: Varying the Intracellular Dose Deposition to Study Radiobiological Mechanisms)
Heath Odau MS
James Yang PhD (Thesis: A Feasibility Study for Tomotherapy Beam Delivery)
1996 [Top] Frank Goodin MS
Keith Groh MS
Shawn Heldebrandt MS
Eric Hendee MS
Joseph Kettner MS
Brian Knipp MS
Arthur Leuthold PhD (Thesis: Magnetic Measurement of the Heart and Brain in the Human Fetus)
Rodney Milbrandt MS (Phys MS 1995, Phys PhD 1998) (Thesis: Tissue-Mimicking Phantoms for Performance Testing of 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Brain)
Eric Niendorf PhD (Thesis: Measurement of Renal Extraction Fraction and Single Kidney Glomerular Filtration Rate Using MRI)
1995 [Top] Melissa Aro MS
Eva Baker PhD (Thesis: Feature Selection for Segmentation of Medical Images)
John Coletti PhD (Thesis: Effects of Calibration Spectra on Mammographic Exposure Measurement)
John Gentry MS
Mark Holmes PhD (Thesis: Variance Reduction Techniques for Monte Carlo Electron Dose Calculations)
David Kruger PhD (Thesis: Imaging Characteristics of X-Ray Capillary Optics for Application to Digital Mammography)
Sally Lee MS
Timothy Lee MS
Wayne Newhauser PhD (Thesis: Neutron Kerma Factor Measurements in the 25-MeV to 85-MeV Neutron Energy Range)
Terrence Oakes PhD (Thesis: Clinical Investigation of the Dopaminergic System with PET and 18F-Fluoro-L-DOPA)
Daniel Peterson MS
Jason Polzin PhD (Thesis: Measurement of Coronary Flow and Flow Reserve Using Phase-Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Robert Pooley PhD (Thesis: Evaluation of 14(R,S)-[Fluorine-18] Fluoro-6-Thia-Heptadecanoic Acid (FTHA) as a Positron Emission Tomography Fatty Acid Tracer of Beta-Oxidation in the Heart)
Andrew Roberts PhD (Thesis: 18-F Production for PET and An Investigation of the 18-F(p,alpha)15-0 Reaction With a Radioactive Beam)
Stephen Rommelfanger MS
Jason Rownd MS
Stuart Swerdloff PhD (Thesis: A Framework for the Study of the Significance of Differences in PET Images: An Objective Method for Quantifying Functional Change)
Miron Zaini PhD (Thesis: Measuring the Fluence of Clinical Electron Beams)
Yuenian (Neal) Zhang MS
1994 [Top] Jian-Feng Chen PhD (Thesis: Statistical Parameter Estimations from Ultrasound Backscattering in Tisue Mimicking Media)
Bradley Christian PhD (Thesis: An Investigation of Partially Extracted Tracers Used to Determine Myocardial Blood Flow with PET)
Kevin Dabbs MS
Christopher Endres PhD (Thesis: Kinetics and Metabolism of 18-F Labeled L-DOPA Analog PET Tracers)
Ethan Jefferson Fairbanks PhD (Thesis: One-Shot Measurement of Spin-Lattice Relaxation Times in the Off-Resonance Rotating Frame of Reference with Applications to Breast)
Thomas Fuerst PhD (Thesis: Videodensitometric Measurement of Absolute Left Ventricular Volume Using Dual-Energy Digital Subtraction Angiography)
Jeffrey Harrington MS
Yi-Hsuan Kao PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Dual-echo Magnetic Resonance Image Segmentation Using Decomposition and Probability Techniques)
Zheng Feng Lu PhD (Thesis: In Vivo Quantitative Ultrasound Imaging and Scatter Assessments)
Nabil Maalej PhD (Thesis: Effect of Blood Shear Forces on Platelet Mediated Thrombosis Inside Arterial Stenosis)
Richard Mueller MS
Melita Nasca MS
Nikos Papanikolaou PhD (Thesis: Clinical Photon Beam Treatment Planning Using Convolution and Superposition)
Lawrence Ryner PhD (Thesis: Localized Two-Dimensional Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy on a Whole-Body Scanner)
Xiaoming Wang MS
Yi Wang PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Development and Evaluation of Coronary MRI Techniques)
1993 [Top] Ricardo Carrillo PhD (Thesis: The Thermoluminescent Response of Several Phosphors to Monoenergetic Photon Beams with Energies from 275 to 2,000 eV's)
Douglas Frye PhD (Thesis: Photostimulable Storage Phosphor Dosimetry)
Lt. Brendan Glennon MS
Jeffrey Gundersen MS
Timothy Holmes PhD (Thesis: A Model for the Physical Optimization of External Beam Radiotherapy)
Irma Medina MS
Brent Murphy MS
Matthew Podgorsak PhD (Thesis: Radiation Parameters of High Dose Rate Iridium-192 Sources)
Frank Ranallo PhD (Physics) (Thesis: The Noninvasive Measurement of X-Ray Tube Potential)
Gene Wollan MS
Frank Zink PhD (Thesis: A Single-Exposure Dual Energy Computed Radiography Technique for Improved Nodule Detection and Classification in Chest Imaging)
1992 [Top] Rebecca Kitchen MS (Thesis: Biochemistry of L-Dopa Analoges)
Michael MacDonald PhD (Thesis: Determination of the Spatial Autocorrelation Function of Ultrasonic Scatterers Using the Frequency Dependence of Backscattering)
Charles Martin PhD (Thesis: The Kinetics of Copper Pyruvaldehyde BIS(N-Methylthiosemicarbazone); A Blood Flow Tracer for Positron Emission Tomography)
Rick Peters MS
John Robin Rice PhD (Thesis: Anthropomorphic Head Phantom for Use in Performance Testing of 1H In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy)
James Royal, Jr. MS
Martin Satter PhD (Thesis: Investigation of the Cerebral Pharmacokinetics of the F-18 Labeled Inhalation Anesthetics Isoflurance and Halothan Utilizing PET)
Phoebe Shulman-Edelson MS
1991 [Top] Lan Diwu MS
Christine Hartmann Siantar PhD (Thesis: Measurement of Neutron Kerma Factors at 18, 23, and 25 MeV)
Frank Korosec PhD (Thesis: Development and Evaluation of Acquisition and Reprojection Techniques for Magnetic Resonance Angiography)
Shrikant Kubsad PhD (Thesis: Perturbation of the Electron-Fluence by Parallel-Plate Air Ion Chambers)
Diwu Lan MS
Cynthia McCollough PhD (Thesis: Quantitative Assessment of Regional Wall Motion Abnormalities Using Dual-Energy Digital Subtraction Intravenous Ventriculography)
Anthony Murphy MS
David Raffel PhD (Thesis: In Vivo Receptor Pharmacology Studies with Beta-Adrenergic Receptors in Isolated Perfused Rat Heart)
John Sarafa MS
Douglas Simpkin PhD (Thesis: Dosimetry of Heterogeneously Distributed Radionuclides With Applications to Radioimmunotherapy)
Jian Yuan MS
1990 [Top] Michael Baker MS
Abdou-Samad (Sam) Beddar PhD (Thesis: Water-Equivalent Plastic Scintillation Detectors for High-Energy Photon and Electron Beams)
James Chin-An Chen MS (Thesis: Radiopharmaceutical)
Thomas Kwok-Fah Foo PhD (Thesis: A Radio-Frequency (RF) Penetration Model and Method Correcting for RF Inhomogeneity in Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Jose Gonzalez MS
Nicholas Hangiandreou PhD (Thesis: Coronary Blood Flow Measurement Using Digital Subtraction Angiography and First Pass Distribution Analysis)
Norman Lehto, Jr. MS
Wun-Jin Lin MS
Tomi Papanikolaou MS
Elizabeth Reinke MS
John Sandstrom PhD (Thesis: Volume Localized Proton Fourier Transform NMR Spectroscopy In Vivo)
Xiaolin Shi MS
Jeffrey Siebers PhD (Thesis: Shielding Measurements for a 230 MeV Proton Beam)
John Sunderland PhD (Thesis: Electrophilic 18F from an 11 MeV Proton Cyclotron for Radiolabeling of Presynaptic Dopaminergic PET Tracers)
David Thomasson PhD (Thesis: Development and Initial Characterization of a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Dosimetry System)
John Vetter PhD (Thesis: The Study of Dual-Energy Computed Tomography as a Technique for Measuring Bone Mineral Density)
Yun-Hwa Wan MS
David Weber PhD, Postdoc (Thesis: Quantitative Methods for the Anatomic and Functional Assessment of a Coronary Stenosis)
LinXin Yao PhD (Thesis: Reference Phantom Method for Acoustic Backscatter Coefficient and Attenuation Coefficient Measurements)
1989 [Top] Katherine Albano MS
Kevin McCollough MS
David Misisco MS
Chin Ng PhD (Thesis: Investigation of the 18F-2FDG/Glucose Lumped Constant Behavior in Isolated Working Rat Hearts)
Sheila Robertson MS
Vijayalakshmi Rudraraju MS
Katherine Sherwood MS
Jason Sohn MS
Wonho Sohn MS
Bruce Thomadsen PhD (Thesis: The Use of Tissue-Air Ratio with High Energy Photon Fields)
Cynthia Thomason PhD (Thesis: Dosimetry of Iridium-192 and Cesium-137 Seed Sources)
Carol Wells PhD (Thesis: Dosimetry and Radiobiology of Synchrotron-Produced Ultrasoft X-Rays)
1988 [Top] Joseph Blechinger PhD (Thesis: Development of Materials for Use in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast-Resolution Phantoms)
Evan Boote PhD (Thesis: Quantitative Ultrasound Imaging Using Acoustic Backscatter Coefficients)
Ronny Chin PhD (Thesis: Experimentally Verified Time-Dependent Thermal Model for the Development of Optimal Local Ultrasound Hyperthermia)
Tim DeGrado PhD (Thesis: Measurement of Myocardial Utilization of Long Chain Fatty Acids Using Omega-Labeled Radioanalogs)
Timothy Hall PhD (Thesis: Experimental Methods for Accurate Determination of Acoustic Backscatter Coefficients)
Pamela Haney MS
Anthony Ho PhD (Thesis: Solid Phantom Material for Radiation Therapy Electron-Beam Calibration)
Mary Ellen Jafari MS
Jon Joseph PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Biomagnetism and the Biomagnetism Laboratory)
David LeGros MS (Thesis: General Medical Physics)
James Prete MS
Peter Sen-Ling Su MS
M.E. Thomas PhD (Thesis: General Medical Physics)
John Thomasen MS
John Votaw PhD (Physics) (Thesis: The Production of PET Traces Utilizing Small Accelerators)
1987 [Top] Eduardo Acosta MS (Thesis: General Medical Physics)
Martin Acosta MS (Thesis: General Medical Physics)
Jazi Al-Mokhlef MS (Thesis: General Medical Physics)
Kari Arcide MS
William Davros PhD (Thesis: Quantification of Frequency-Dependent Angular Scattering of Ultrasound)
Eduardo Galiano MS
Janet Gortney MS (Thesis: General Medical Physics)
Robert Hagg MS
Brian Hinderliter MS
Tasanee Hongsongtham MS
Sabee Molloi PhD (Thesis: Dynamic Dual-Energy X-ray Techniques for Cardiac Imaging)
Colin Shiu-On Poon MS
John Ryan MS
S. Kari Schlafke MS
Ramasamy Virudachalam MS
Xuekui Wu MS
1986 [Top] Sulaiman Al-Doohan MS (Thesis: Magnetic Resonance)
LCDR Paul Blake PhD (Thesis: Chromosomal Aberrations in Human Lymphocytes from Simultaneous or Sequential Irradiation by Neutrons and Photons)
Pirun Chaichiangpin MS
Ching-Shan Lee PhD (Thesis: Adaptive Image Processing Algorithms for Intravenous Digital Subtraction Coronary Angiography)
Patricia Mora MS
Shaikh Naimuddin PhD (Thesis: Optimization of Selective Exposure Radiography of the Chest)
Ya Sun MS
1985 [Top] Matthew Bernstein PhD
Eric Boeldt MS
Wanna Deepentham MS
James Dobbins, III PhD (Radiological Sciences) (Thesis: Multiple-Energy Tissue-Cancellation: Applications of a Digital Beam Attenuator to Chest Radiography)
Karen Funk MS
Bruce Hund MS (MS - BME) (Thesis: MS: New Defibrillator Design)
Julie Price MS
Steven Schilthelm MS
Mark Towsley MS
1984 [Top] Indra Das MS
Steven Goodman MS (MS - BME) (Thesis: MS: The Relationship of In Vitro Platelet Activation to Artificial Surface Induced Thrombosis)
Julio Guedea MS
Bruce Hasegawa PhD (Thesis: Feasibility Studies of a Digital Beam Attenuator System for Diagnostic Radiology)
Gary Hutchins PhD (Thesis: A Dynamic Technique for the Quantitation of Oxygen Utilization Rates Using Positron Emission Tomography)
Dee Ann Kaiser MS
Joel Kamande MS
Robert Koeppe PhD (Thesis: Quantitative Functional Imaging Using Dynamic Positron Computed Tomography and Rapid Parameter Estimations Techniques)
Mary Lewis MS
Thelma Papini MS
Michael Schell PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Measurement of Dose Distributions in LET Produced in Matter by Fast Neutron Irradiation)
Claudio Sibata PhD (Thesis: Absorbed Dose and Collision Kerma Relationship for High-Energy Photons)
Raymond Venci MS
1983 [Top] Thomas Burke PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Quantitative Characterization of the Ultrasonic Scattering Nature of Tissue and Tissue-Mimicking Materials)
Jack Cusma PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Laser Optical Pumping of Sodium and Lithium Atom Beams)
David Ergun PhD (Thesis: A Slow-Scan Vieo Technique for Digital Intravenous Subtraction Angiography)
Joel Felmlee MS
Steven Goetsch PhD (Thesis: Neutron/Gamma Dose Separation by the Multiple Ion Chamber Technique)
James Halama PhD (Thesis: Tracer Kinetic Studies of Glucose Transport and Metabolism Using 18 F-Fluorosugars in Isolated Rat Hearts)
Michael Insana PhD (Thesis: Methods for Measuring Ultrasonic Backscatter and Attenuation Coefficients for Tissues and Tissue-Like Media)
Farhad Jafari PhD (Thesis: In Vivo Characterization of Ultarsonic Backscattering from Normal and Abnormal Lungs)
Kevin King PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Signal-to-Noise Ratios in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging )
Thomas Kwiatkowski MS
David Marsh MS
Walter Tang MS
Stefan Thunberg MS
Michael VanLysel PhD (Thesis: Real-Time Digital Video Recording with Applications to Digital Subtraction Angiography)
1982 [Top] Greta Besch MS
Michael Braun MS
Robert Brylawski MS (MS - Meteorology) (Thesis: MS: Preliminary Investigations Into the Use of Electrets in Measurements of Air Ion Concentrations)
Pocheng Cheng PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Experimental Verification and Refinements of the Projective Photon Beam Model and Extension to Electron and Neutron Beams)
Douglas Congdon MS
Mitchell Goodsitt PhD (Thesis: A Three Dimensional Model for Generating the Texture in B-Scan Ultrasound Images)
Jeffrey Haeberlin MS
Jorgen Hansen MS
Francisco Lopez MS
Mark Marshall MS
Carl Onesti MS
Solomon Owalabi MS
Agnette Peralta MS
Marc Rosenthal PhD (Yale University) (Thesis: High Spin States in 162Lu and 165Lu and Backbending in Rare Earth Nuclei)
1981 [Top] Richard Hichwa PhD (Thesis: A study of Regional Pulmonary Gas Exchange Using Radiotracers)
Raymond Ip PhD (Thesis: Local Ceberal Hemodynamics by Tracing Stable Xenon With Transmission Computed Tomography )
Eric Kearsley PhD (Radiological Sciences) (Thesis: General Cavity Theories for Photon And Neutron Dosimetry)
Carmen Mesina MS
Jeffrey Nelson MS
Chorng-Gang Shaw PhD (Radiological Sciences) (Thesis: Videodensitometric Techniques in Digital Subtraction Videoangiography)
John Stalp MS
1980 [Top] John Bauhs MS
Henrik Bendsen MS
Arnold Jacobson PhD (Radiological Sciences) (Thesis: Characterization and Control of Scattered Radiation in Absorption Edge Fluoroscopy)
Walter Peppler PhD (Radiological Sciences) (Thesis: Combined Transmission-Emission Scanning using Dual-Photon Absorptiometry)
William Perman PhD (Radiological Sciences) (Thesis: Image Quality Limitations Imposed on Discrete CT Systems by Noise-Power Anomalies and Sampling Aperture Mismatches)
William Shaughnessy MS
1979 [Top] Richard Banjavic PhD (Radiological Sciences) (Thesis: Ultrasonic Broad Band Pusle-Echo Beam Profile Analysis in Nonattenuating and Attenuating Media)
Maria-Ester Brandan PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Measurement of Energy Deposition Distributions Produced in Cylindrical Geometry by Irradiation with 15 MeV Neutrons)
Gershom Chishimba MS
Daniel Grimm MS
James Hanson PhD (Radiological Sciences) (Thesis: Absorptiometry with a Linear Position-Sensitive Proportional Counter)
Lauren Hefner MS
Willi Kalendar PhD (Radiological Sciences) (Thesis: Determination of the Intensity of Scattered Radiation and the Performance of Grids in Diagnostic Radiology by Monte Carlo Methods)
Ana Maria Kruger MS
Mei Zu Li MS
Mark Madsen PhD (Radiological Sciences) (Thesis: Soluble Positron Emitting Inert Gases as Inhalational Regional Cerebral Blood Flow Agents)
Timothy Mulcahy PhD (Thesis: Quantitative Radiation Biology of the Thyroid Gland: Cell Survival, Neoplasia and Hormonal Effects)
Robert Pedley MS
Stephen Riederer PhD (Radiological Sciences) (Thesis: Three-Beam K-Edge Imaging of Iodine on a Point-by-Point Basis in Computerized Fluoroscopy)
1978 [Top] Randy Brown PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Numerical Optimization of the Filter Function in the Convolution Filtered Back Projection Algorithm for Computed Tomography)
Ray Capestrain MS
Cupido Daniels MS
Robert Knox DeMott MS
Patrick Higgins PhD
Robert Kruger PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Time Dependent Subtraction Imaging Using Computerized Fluoroscopy)
James Martin MS
Michael Moseman MS
John Sandrik PhD (Radiological Sciences) (Thesis: A Roentgen Video Absorptiometric System for the Measurements of Lung Tumor Mass)
1977 [Top] Michael Bailey MS
Elsa (Nimmo) Ginkel MS
Michael Gould PhD (Radiology) (Thesis: The effects of radiation on cells in vivo : a rat mammary gland model )
Joel Gray PhD (Medical Sciences) (Thesis: Detection Accuracy in Chest Radiography)
Paul Jursinic PhD
Ronald Jutila MS
Stanley Reed MS
Erik Vold MS
1976 [Top] Leemon Baird Postdoc
Myung Choi MS
Richard Geise MS
Randy Jirtle PhD (Radiology) (Thesis: Cellular Radiation Response as a Function of Tumor Size, Host Hematocrit, and Erythrokinetics in CA755 Tumor-bearing Mice)
William Kan MS
Jerome Lasky PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Thermoluminescent Response of LiF (TLD-100) to 70 eV-30 keV Electrons)
David Pearson PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Fast Neutron Activation Dosimetry with TLDs)
John Wochos MS
David Young MS
1975 [Top] Barbara Arora MS
Edmund Cytacki PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Scatter Measurements in a Water Phantom and Attenuation for Various Materials for MeV Neutron Beams)
Frederick Kelcz PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Absorption Edge Difference Imaging Using Quasi-Monochromatic X-Rays and Fluoroscopic Video Subtraction Techniques)
Arnold Van Art MS
Raymond Wery MS
Robert Witt PhD (Radiology) (Thesis: The Determination of Fluid Content by Dichromatic Absorptiometry )
1974 [Top] Lloyd Asp MS
Mary Birch MS
Paul Elliott MS
Gary Fullerton PhD (Radiology) (Thesis: Thermocurrent Dosimetry with High Purity Aluminum Oxide)
Keith Jones PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Experimental Evaluation of the Scatter of 14.8 MeV Neutrons from a Steel Collimator)
Roland Jurisch MS
1973 [Top] David Fields PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Correlations Between TLD and Radiation Generated Charge Transport in TLD-200 )
Gene Fuller PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Electron Spin Resonance Study of Transport Dynamics of the Self-Trapped Hole in Calcium Fluoride)
Margaret Henzler MS
Alvis Jordans MS
Lena Lamel MS
Michael Ort PhD (Radiology) (Thesis: Applications of the Silicon Target Storage Tube in Television Fluoroscopy)
Ervin Podgorsak PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Radiation Parameters of High Dose Rate Iridium-192 Sources)
Lena Semkiw MS
1972 [Top] Joseph Beach PhD (Radiology) (Thesis: Experimentally Determined Tissue Air Ratios and Scatter Air Ratios for Collimated Beams of 14 MeV Neutrons)
Shirley Jucius MS
David Loshek MS
Bhaskaran Pillai MS
Roger Stano MS
Albert Wiley, Jr. PhD (Radiology) (Thesis: Studies on Biochemical and Cellular, let Dependent Effects of Ionizing Radiation in Synchronous Mammalian Cell Systems)
Charles Wilson PhD (Radiology) (Thesis: The Use of In Vivo Bone Mineral Determination to Predict the Strength of Bone)
James Zagzebski PhD (Radiology) (Thesis: The use of Time Motion Ultrasound for Measuring Lateral Pharyngeal Wall Displacements)
1971 [Top] Larry DeWerd PhD (Physics) (Thesis: The Stark Effect of M, N, and Z1 Color Centers in Alkali Halides)
Henning Hansen MS
Philip Judy PhD (Radiology) (Thesis: A Dichromatic Attenuation Technique for the In Vivo Determination of Bone Mineral Content)
Edwin McCullough PhD (Radiology) (Thesis: Qualitative and Quantitative Features of the Terrestrial Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Environment)
Everett Smith PhD (Physical Education) (Thesis: Bone, Changes with Age and Physical Activity)
James Sorenson PhD (Radiology) (Thesis: Methods for Quantitating Radioactivity In Vivo, by External Counting Measurements)
1970 [Top] Eugene Gerner MS (Physics)
Jerome Wagner PhD (Physics) (Thesis: Spin-Lattice Relaxation and Atomic Motions in LiF)
William Zarnstorff PhD (Physiology) (Thesis: The Systemic and Coronary Hemodynamic and Metabolic Effects in the Intact Anesthetized Dog of A. Paired Pacing the Ventricle and B. Slowing of the Heart with Alternating Curre)
1969 [Top] Stephanie Frost MS
Margaret Liss MS
1967 [Top] Karen Doppke MS (MS - Radiology) (Thesis: MS: Changes in Sensitivity of LiF (TLD-100) Following Radiation)
Charles Rhyner PhD (Physics) (Thesis: The Stark Effect in Color Centers of Alkali Halides)
Nagalingam Suntharalingam PhD (Radiology) (Thesis: Thermoluminescent Response of Lithium Fluoride to Radiations with Different LET)
1966 [Top] David Matthes MS (MS - Radiology) (Thesis: MS: The Construction of a Positron Camera)
1965 [Top] Donald Beeckler MS
Roderick Grant PhD (Physics) (Thesis: The Effects of Pre-irradisation Annealing on the Thermoluminescence, Dielectric Loss, and Optical Absorption of LiF:Mg)

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