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List of Faculty and Scientists by Specialties


Department Faculty

  • Ron Wakai, Professor, Admissions Chair, Biomagnetism

Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging

Department Faculty

  • GuangHong Chen, Professor, CT imaging (Also Radiology)

  • Ke Li, Assistant Professor, CT imaging (Also Radiology)

  • Charles Mistretta, John R. Cameron Professor Emeritus (Also Radiology and Biomedical Engineering)

  • Walter Peppler, Professor (CHS), Diagnostic X-ray imaging (Also Radiology)

  • Frank Ranallo, Associate Professor (CHS), Diagnostic imaging, quality assurance (Also Radiology)

  • Michael Speidel, Associate Professor with tenure, Interventional and diagnostic x-ray imaging (Also Medicine)

  • Michael VanLysel, Professor Emeritus, Angiographic x-ray Imaging (Also Medicine)

  • John R. Vetter, Associate Professor (CHS), Diagnostic imaging; Department Administrator

Affiliate Faculty

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Department Faculty

  • Andy Alexander, Professor, Director of MRI Imaging for the Waisman Lab for Brain Imaging and Behavior (Also Psychiatry)

  • Wally Block, Professor (Also Biomedical Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering)

  • Sean Fain, Professor and Director of the Image Analysis Core Facility (Also Radiology and Biomedical Engineering)

  • Edward Jackson, Professor and Chair (Also Radiology and Human Oncology)

  • Kevin Johnson, Assistant Professor

  • M. Elizabeth Meyerand, Professor (Also Chair, Department of Biomedical Engineering)

  • Charles Mistretta, John R. Cameron Professor Emeritus (Also Radiology and Biomedical Engineering)

  • James Sorenson, Professor Emeritus

  • Orhan Unal, Senior Scientist, Director of Medical Physics Computing

  • Oliver Wieben, Vice Chair for Research, Associate Professor with tenure (Also Radiology and Biomedical Engineering)

Joint Department Faculty

Affiliate Faculty

Nuclear Medicine, PET, Molecular Imaging

Department Faculty

  • Todd Barnhart, Senior Scientist, Director of PET Cyclotron Operations

  • Weibo Cai, Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor with tenure, Molecular Imaging (Also Radiology)

  • Brad Christian, Associate Professor, Director of PET Physics for the Waisman Brain Imaging Lab (Also Psychiatry)

  • Onofre T. DeJesus, Professor Emeritus, Radiopharmaceutical chemistry; nuclear medicine

  • Marina Emborg, Professor with tenure, Director of Preclinical Parkinson's Research Program (Also Biomedical Engineering)

  • Jonathan Engle, Assistant Professor of Medical Physics and Radiology and Head of Cyclotron Research Group; Nuclear Medicine, PET, Radionuclide Production, Nuclear Data Measurement

  • James Holden, Professor Emeritus, Nuclear medicine, medical imaging (Also Radiology)

  • Robert Jeraj, Full Professor with tenure, Image-guided therapy, image assessment, molecular imaging (Also Human Oncology)

  • Robert J. Nickles, Professor Emeritus, Nuclear medicine, PET (Also Radiology and Physics)

Affiliate Faculty

Optical Imaging

Department Faculty

  • Paul Campagnola, Professor, Optical imaging (Also Biomedical Engineering)

Affiliate Faculty

  • Kevin Eliceiri, Director, Laboratory for Optical And Computational Instrumentation (LOCI) (Also Biomedical Engineering)

  • Jeremy Rogers, Assistant Professor (also Biomedical Engineering)

  • Melissa Skala, Associate Professor (also Biomedical Engineering)

Radiation Dosimetry, Radiation Protection

Department Faculty

  • Bryan Bednarz, Associate Professor with tenure, Radiation protection, Monte Carlo methods, proton therapy (Also Human Oncology)

  • Wesley Culberson, Assistant Professor (CHS), Radiation Calibration Laboratory, radiation dosimetry

  • Paul M. DeLuca, Professor, UW Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Neutron and proton dosimetry (Also Physics; Human Oncology)

  • Larry DeWerd, Professor with tenure, Director - radiation calibration laboratory, radiation dosimetry

Affiliate Faculty

  • Doug Henderson, Professor, radiation transport, reactor physics (Also Engineering Physics)

Radiation and Thermal Therapy

Department Faculty

  • T.R. Mackie, Professor Emeritus, Image-guided therapy, proton therapy (Also Human Oncology)

  • Bhudatt Paliwal, Professor, Radiation therapy physics (Also Human Oncology)

  • Jennifer Smilowitz, Clinical Professor, Radiation therapy physics, radiation dosimetry (Also Human Oncology)

  • Bruce Thomadsen, Professor, Radiation therapy physics, radiation dosimetry

Affiliate Faculty

Ultrasound Imaging

Department Faculty

  • Timothy J Hall, Vice Chair for Faculty, Professor, Director of Training Grant, Elastography, ultrasound Imaging, image processing

  • Ernest L. Madsen, Professor Emeritus, Ultrasound imaging, MR imaging

  • Tomy Varghese, Professor, Ultrasound imaging; elastography, signal processing; Graduate Committee Chair

  • James Zagzebski, Professor Emeritus, Ultrasound imaging

Affiliate Faculty

Faculty Leadership

Vice-Chair for Research: Oliver Wieben, Ph.D.

Vice-Chair for Faculty: Timothy J. Hall, Ph.D.

Chair, Graduate Admissions and Awards: Ron Wakai, Ph.D.

Chair of the Graduate Committee: Tomy Varghese, Ph.D.

Director, Radiological Physics Services: John R. Vetter, Ph.D.

Director, Residency Program: Frank Ranallo, Ph.D.

Director, Training Grant (T32): Timothy J. Hall, Ph.D.

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