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Jennifer B. Smilowitz, Ph.D., DABR

Jennifer B. Smilowitz, Ph.D., DABR

Clinical Associate Professor of Medical Physics and Human Oncology

Department Affiliations

Human Oncology

Medical Physics


B.A., Political Science, University of Vermont, Burlington

B.S., Physics, University of Wyoming, Laramie

M.S., Medical Physics, UW-School of Medicine & Public Health, Madison, WI

Ph.D., Medical Physics, UW-School of Medicine Public Health, Madison, WI


Diplomat of American Board of Radiology - Radiological Physics, 2006


  • Smilowitz, J.S., Jeraj, R., Olivera,G.H., DeWerd, L.A. and Mackie, T.R., Monte Carlo modeling of a cobalt-60 unit for energy fluence output calibration, Proceedings of Recent developments in accurate radiation dosimetry: International Workshop, American Association of Physicists in Medicine Symposium Proceedings No. 13, Montreal, Canada, 2001.
  • Kapatoes, J.M., Olivera, G.H., Ruchala, K.J., Smilowitz, J.B., Reckewerdt, P.J., and Mackie, T.R. A feasible method for clinical delivery verification and dose reconstruction in tomotherapy. Med. Phys. 28, 528-542 (2001).
  • Mason, C.G., Gehrz, R.D., Woodward, C.E., Smilowitz, J.B., Greenhouse, M.A., Hayward, T.L. and Houck, J.R., Infrared observation of dust formation and coronal emission in Nova Aquilae 1995 The Astrophysical Journal, 470, 577-582 (1996).

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