Emerging Leaders Symposium & Workshops

Science Symposium, Diversity, Mentoring & Visioneering Workshops
August 30-September 1, 2022

About the Symposium


This symposium and workshop brings scholarly-focused, early-career, diverse scientists together with visionary leaders and mentors, who are interested in shaping the future of Academic Medical Physics. The event includes a public science symposium of presentations and discussion panels, followed by task specific workshops to supports early career participants for mentoring and networking sessions, themed around the future of the field.


Participants will advance a national network of junior and senior investigators who are shaping academic Medical Physics, providing intentional support for those who have a bold, inclusive vision of the future inventions and discoveries in this field. Applicants to participate will be chosen and are funded to attend and leave with 1) individual introduction to leadership in the science of medical physics, 2) a broader self-determined mentor network, 3) increased potential to find and shape their own academic agenda. Successes of participants will be highlighted and the discussions are intended to lead to a white paper, with ongoing evolution for future of advancing the science of the field.

Invited Participants

Early career applicants may apply for acceptance and funding to participate, which will support travel, accommodation and food. Eligibility requirement is for early investigators – being from (i) last year of doctoral work, (ii) post doctoral trainee, (iii) research scientist or assistant professors within the first 3 years of independence. Applications must be submitted by June 18, 2022 to be guaranteed consideration. Applications submitted after that date will be evaluated on a rolling basis.

Supportive Network

All participants will be interacting with the invited speakers, extended faculty, researchers and students of the University of Wisconsin Department of Medical Physics, as well as the Board of Visitors of Medical Physics.

Meet the Speakers

Magdalena Bazalova-Carter

Position title: Canada Res. Chair in Medical Physics, University of Victoria, Canada

X-ray Imaging & Therapy

Zaver Bhujwalla

Position title: Director, Div. Cancer Imaging Res, Dept. Radiology, Johns Hopkins U.

Molecular Imaging

Marvin Doyley

Position title: Chair, Electr. Compt. Eng, University of Rochester

Ultrasound & Elastography

Maryellen Giger

Position title: A.N. Pritzker Dist. Service Professor, University of Chicago

Artificial Intelligence

Tayyaba Hasan

Position title: Professor, Harvard-MIT HST Program, Harvard Medical School / MGH

Molecular & Immune Therapies

David Jaffray

Position title: Chief Tech & Digital Officer, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Information Technology

Thomas Rock Mackie

Position title: Professor, Dept. of Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Beth Meyerand

Position title: Vice Provost for Faculty & Staff Affairs, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Med Physics & Academic Leadership

Sasa Mutic

Position title: Senior VP, Radiat. Treatment, Varian Medical Systems

Industry Leadership

Bruce Tromberg

Position title: Director, National Institutes of Biomedical Imaging & Bioengineering

Keynote Speaker

Register to Attend

UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students, along with visitors from outside UW-Madison, are invited to register to attend the symposium’s public sessions, poster presentation session, and evening reception.

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Symposium/WorkshopsHealth Sciences Learning Center

HotelUnion South

ReceptionDiscovery Building


Those emerging leader applicants who apply to participate and are invited to attend will be funded for travel and accommodations to participate.