Admissions Information

Open House

After the Admission Committee meets in mid-January 2023, those applicants deemed “highly-qualified” are invited to attend the Medical Physics Open House. This in-person event includes an overview of selected research areas, tours of laboratory, clinical, and classroom space, UW-Madison campus, interviews with faculty, and hosted social/casual events with current students, faculty and staff.

Dates for the Open House for Spring 2023 are February 2, 2023 (beginning in the afternoon) through Saturday morning February 4, 2023. Travel arrangements are coordinated with department staff for those invited.


Financial Aid

Effective July 1, 2019 the stipend for a 50% Research Assistant is $2,333 per month ($28,000 annual) for non-dissertators and $2,583/month for dissertators ($31,000 annual). Research Assistants also have in-state or out-of-state tuition costs covered. Student living expenses in the Madison area are modest as compared to major cities but are consistent with a university town, and the stipend is intended to be highly competitive with other programs.