Outreach Committee

Mission Statement

The Medical Physics Graduate Student Outreach program aims to increase the visibility of medical physics by teaching community members about the role of physics in medicine as well as the educational and career opportunities in physics-based careers. Our focus is directed to the next generation of curious thinkers, especially under-represented groups in medical physics, by engaging them in conversation and hands-on medical physics activities. It is led by medical physics graduate students with the support of faculty and staff.

Outreach Events

  • La Follette High School Physics Class Visit

    Just before the end of their school year, La Follette High School graciously hosted us to share an interactive introduction into medical physics during their morning physics classes. Partnering with physics teacher, Alex Roethler, and …

  • Anana Elementary Science and Literacy Night

    As the school year concludes, Medical Physics tackled Anana Elementary science and reading night. Due to weather, the event was moved to the gymnasium; however, we were still happy to see a great turnout of …

  • UW Science Expeditions

    To conclude our involvement in the 2022 UW Science Expeditions, Medical Physics hosted a table in the Health Sciences Learning Center on Sunday. Visitors of all ages could be seen exploring the many tables at …

  • student showing xray sample at a physics fair with middle schoolers

    Physics Fair

    After being cancelled in 2021 and delayed earlier this year due to COVID, the Physics Fair was back in action last Saturday! Being hosted in conjunction with the UW Science Expeditions and featuring the beloved …

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Upcoming Events

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