Outreach Committee

Medical Physics Outreach Committee

Mission Statement

The Medical Physics Graduate Student Outreach program aims to increase the visibility of medical physics by teaching community members about the role of physics in medicine as well as the educational and career opportunities in physics-based careers. Our focus is directed to the next generation of curious thinkers, especially under-represented groups in medical physics, by engaging them in conversation and hands-on medical physics activities. It is led by medical physics graduate students with the support of faculty and staff.

Outreach Events

  • Madison Explorers Summer Camp (3/3)

    Unfortunately, due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in the area, the final visit to the Madison Explorers Summer Camp had to be canceled. For this session, we planned to share a radiation therapy treatment …

  • Madison Explorers Summer Camp (2/3)

    For the second session with the Madison Explorers Summer campers, UW Medical Physics Outreach organized a lesson and demonstration about radiation and radiation detection! Aeli Olson worked with Jeff Radtke to develop the lesson content …

  • Madison Explorers Summer Camp (1/3)

    UW Medical Physics Outreach has partnered with the Madison Explorers Summer Camp to bring a series of three demonstrations and activities to the young campers. For the first visit, we focused on medical imaging and …

  • Urban League Project REACH Virtual Fieldtrip

    Tom Brown from The Urban League of Madison partnered with Dr. Tim Szczykutowicz from the UW Departments of Radiology, Medical Physics, and Biomedical Engineering to develop a half-day virtual field trip event for about 30 …

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Upcoming Events

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person outreach events are on hold.



  • Sydney Jupitz: jupitz@wisc.edu
  • Aeli Olson: aeli.olson@wisc.edu