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Typical Course Sequences in Medical Physics

There are two general areas of sub-specialization in the Medical Physics graduate program CAMPEP track. Students seeking a CAMPEP-compliant degree program satisfy, at a minimum, the Core Curriculum followed by more advanced courses focused on radiation therapy physics, imaging physics, or a hybrid program of study. There is also a health physics option, which also requires completion of the Core Curriculum, and emphasizes interactions of radiation with matter and radiation safety, particularly as it applies to radiation laboratories, hospital radiation safety, and the nuclear power industry. Finally, there is an option to "opt out" of the CAMPEP-complaint program of study by not taking the Core Curriculum. Students choosing the "opt out" option have more opportunity to define their own academic curriculum, but will not receive an attestation of completion of the CAMPEP-defined core curriculum upon completion of degree requirements. Details of each option are provided in the Student Handbook.

The student handbook gives an example of a typical course sequence.

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