Healthy Normal Volunteers Sought For an Imaging Research Study

The Neuroimaging Lab of Dr. Beth Meyerand, at UW-Madison, is looking for Healthy Normal Volunteers between the ages of 21 - 100 to participate in Neuroimaging Research
Help us better understand normal brain connectivity so that we can determine how different brain regions interact with one another.
This study will involve three visits, each lasting approximately 2 hours. Two of these visits will be spaced at least 2 months apart and the third visit a week or two after either of the other visits.
Procedures involved in the study include:
· MRI scans of your brain (no needles or radiation)
· Your respiration as well as heart rate will be recorded as you rest with eyes open or closed in the scanner
· Performing memory, language, and motor tasks in the scanner
· Computer based and pen/pencil based behavioral tasks outside the scanner
. Questionnaires and scales assessing language, memory, reasoning and emotional abilities.
Opportunity to earn up to a maximum of $125 as compensation for participation in the entire study involving three visits.
This study is approved by the Health Sciences Institutional Review Board at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.