Wakai Biomagnetism Lab Featured in SMPH Alumni Quarterly

(Lifted from the Wisconsin Medical Alumni Quarterly)
Patients from all over the country come to the Ron Wakai Fetal Biomagnetism Laboratory, located in the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research.
A combination of physics and biology, the technology now called biomagnetism works by measuring the extremely weak magnetic fields that are naturally generated by the electrical activity that occurs during heart contraction and brain activity.
Over the years, Wakai and colleagues have shown unequivocally that biomagnetism indeed has clinical value-specifically, for detecting heartbeat abnormalities in tiny fetuses. In fact, almost single-handedly, the team has created the emerging field of fetal cardiac arrhythmia care. And as a result, high-risk pregnant women from across the United States are regularly referred to the lab for evaluation.
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