Charlie Matrosic and Catherine Steffel Receive Travel Awards from UW SRGC

Two Medical Physics graduate students have received Travel Awards from the UW Student Research Grants Competition in order to attend the 2018 AAPM annual meeting.

Charlie Matrosic, student of Dr. Wes Culberson and Dr. Bryan Bednarz, received a $1,200 travel award. His abstract is titled "Deformable Anthropomorphic Abdominal Phantom for the Validation of Deformable Dose Accumulation Algorithms and Intrafractional Motion Management Systems."

Catherine Steffel, student of Dr. Carol Mitchell and Dr. Tomy Varghese, received a $600 travel award. Her abstracts are titled "Influence of Imaging Preset on Grayscale Texture Features of Ultrasound Carotid Plaque Images and their Relationship to Serum Lipid Levels" and "Empowering Scientists through Opportunities for Presentation, Conversation, and Collaboration with Women in Medical Physics."

Congrats Charlie and Catherine!