Congratulations to AAPM "Best in Physics" Abstract Authors!

Abstracts submitted in both the therapy physics and imaging physics categories were selected as "Best in Physics" contributions for the upcoming AAPM Annual Meeting and Exhibition. The abstracts and authors are provided below:

BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY) - Development of a Calorimeter for the Measurement of the Power Emitted From LDR Brachytherapy Sources - M Malin*, B Palmer , L DeWerd , University of WI-Madison, Madison, WI

BEST IN PHYSICS (IMAGING) - Statistical Model Based Iterative Reconstruction (MBIR) in Clinical CT Systems: Experimental Assessment of Z- and Axial Spatial Resolution - Ke Li*, John Garrett , Yongshuai Ge , G.-H. Chen , University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

In addition to these two Best in Physics selections, over 75 additional scientific session, symposia, continuing education, and poster presentations with UW-Madison faculty, staff, and/or trainees as authors will be given at the meeting.