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Facilities & Equipment

The PET facility in the Waisman Center Brain Imaging lab is located in room T155 of the Waisman Center. This lab is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for PET radiopharmaceutical synthesis and neuroimaging.

  • Siemens HR+ECAT
  • Siemens P4 and Focus 220
  • A research chemistry lab with dual fume hoods and a class 10,000 clean room with class 100 laminar flow hood are available for radiotracer production and radiopharmaceutical preparation. The lab is well equipped for in-line production and delivery of short-lived tracers. 11C and 18F radiotracers are also available from the UW Medical Physics facility.
  • Tandem Particle Accelerator
    • 3 MV Pelletron Accelerator Model 9SDH-2
    • With this we irradiate many of the precursors of the tracers we study.
    • Details
  • Machine Shop
    • We make many of our own synthesis rigs and accelerator targets.

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