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Scanner Time Requests

Looking to request scanner time? Visit the radiology website for more information. You will need a radiology account in order to make a request.

The application of cutting edge techniques and knowledge from the fields of physics, mathematics and computer science to medical disciplines has and will continue to generate innovations for the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. The mission of our laboratory is to apply x-ray physics, innovative image reconstruction methods and advanced computer technology to develop novel diagnostic tools for radiologists.

Our research group emphasizes the exploration and development of novel techniques in Computed Tomography (CT). This work involves the investigation of new imaging apparatus and the development of new image reconstruction methods. The overall aim is to develop imaging systems that meet the spatial and temporal resolution required for the diagnosis of human diseases while using the lowest possible radiation dose.

Rapid implementation and dissemination of new ideas in CT requires resources beyond those present in a university setting. For this reason, close collaboration with industry is essential. Collaborations between our laboratory and GE Healthcare, one of the leading manufacturers of medical systems, will significantly accelerate the transition from academic studies to prototypes or industrial applications. We welcome collaborations and communications between our laboratory and other research teams throughout the world.

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