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Radioisotope Distribution

For more than three decades, the UW Medical Physics Cyclotron Group has been providing radionuclides and radiotracers to it colleagues on campus. We are able to provide the standard PET isotopes, 18F, 11C, and 13N on a daily basis.

IsotopeFormHalflifeTypical Specific Activty (Ci/umol@EOS)
18F18F-110 min.10->50
11C11CH3I/11CH3OTf20 min.10-25
13N13NH310 min.-

Additionally, we provide local collaborators unconventional isotopes upon request.

IsotopeFormHalflifeTypical Specific Activty (Ci/umol@EOB)
44Sc44ScCl33.97 hours1-2
51Mn52MnCl246 min.N.C.A.
61Cu61CuCl23.3 hours1-2
55/58Co55/58CoCl217/70 hoursN.C.A.
80mBrNa76/77Br4.4 hoursN.C.A.

For the last decade, the cyclotron group has been distributing radionuclides to colleagues for basic research locally and at several dozen laboratories across the country, and overseas. Copper-64 and zirconium-89 are produced and shipped Mondays by overnight Fed Ex. Yttrium-86, arsenic-72, bromine-76/77, manganese-52 and others are available on request.

IsotopeFormHalflifeTypical Specific Activty (Ci/umol@EOB)
52Mn52MnCl25.6 days~0.5
64Cu64CuCl212.7 hours1- >15
72As72As(v)OCl326 hoursN.C.A.
76/77BrNa76/77Br16.2/57 hoursN.C.A.
89Zr89Zr Oxalate78 hours 1-3

Details concerning ordering and other novel radionuclides not listed above are available by request emailed to A web-based cyclotron beam calendar can be used to confirm that a request has been properly scheduled.

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