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  • Sean B. Fain, PhD

    Sean B. Fain, PhD
    Professor, Departments of Medical Physics and Radiology
    Phone: (608) 263-0090
    Education: PhD in Biophysics and Physiology; BS in Physics; BS in Geological Sciences
    Research Interests: Quantitative imaging; Pulmonary imaging of lung structure and function using MRI and CT
    Funniest Experience in the Lab: Complaining about damage to one of our RF coils and then further damaging the coil myself upon attempting repairs. Later fixed by yours truly without further incident. Hosting my 10 year old son for “go to work day” and having him tell me he wanted to be a professor because, “you just sit around all day and play on your computer.”
    Career Goals: Advance the careers of my students and staff; develop and apply new imaging technologies to improve diagnosis and care of lung disease; improve therapy approaches through image guidance.

  • Kevin M. Johnson, PhD

    Kevin M. Johnson, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Physics
    Education: University of Wisconsin–Madison, BS (biomedical engineering), MS, PhD (medical physics)

  • Scott K. Nagle, MD, PhD

    Scott K. Nagle, MD, PhD
    Associate Professor (CHS), Departments of Radiology, Medical Physics, and Pediatrics
    Education: University of Chicago, MD (Pritzker School of Medicine), PhD (medical physics); Stanford (residency); University of Wisconsin–Madison (MRI fellowship)
    Research Interests: Translational pulmonary MRI

  • Mark L. Schiebler, MD

    Mark L. Schiebler, MD
    Professor (CHS), Department of Radiology
    Research Interests: Pulmonary vascular and ventilation imaging
    Funniest Experience in the Lab: Working with Charlie Strother on aneurysm sac circulation
    Career Goals: Translating hyperpolarized gas imaging to the clinic

Research Staff

  • Robert V. Cadman, PhD

    Robert V. Cadman, PhD
    Assistant Scientist
    Phone: (608) 265-6824
    Education: University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign, BS 1994 (physics), PhD 2001 (nuclear physics)
    Research Interests: Lung imaging with hyperpolarized 3He and 129Xe, with a focus on diffusion imaging.
    Funniest Experience in the Lab: Do you think this is funny?
    Career Goals: Pitch a shutout in game 7 of the World Series.

  • Andrew Hahn, PhD

    Andrew Hahn, PhD
    Assistant Scientist
    Education: BS (electrical engineering), PhD (biophysics)
    Research Interests: Structural and functional MRI of the lung
    Career Goals: Continue advancing research in lung MRI

  • Wei Zha, PhD

    Wei Zha, PhD
    Assistant Scientist
    Education: Mississippi State University, MS (electrical engineering); Auburn University, PhD (electrical engineering)
    Research Interests: Quantitative ventilation imaging using hyperpolarized gas and oxygen-enhanced MRI
    Funniest Experience in the Lab: The first research project I involved in was a mouse kidney perfusion study. I enjoyed watching a former lab member treating mice like his favorite pets while learning how to prepare for an animal MR scan.


  • Sarah Erickson-Bhatt, PhD

    Sarah Erickson-Bhatt, PhD

  • Annelise Malkus, PhD

    Annelise Malkus, PhD
    Education: PhD (physics)
    Research Interests: Simulating diffusion in lung
    Funniest Experience in the Lab: Every day is pretty funny around here!
    Career Goals: Using underlying physics to extract new scale information in lungs

Graduate Students

  • Erin Adamson

    Erin Adamson
    Education: BS (engineering physics), MS (medical physics)
    Research Interests: Tumor microenvironment characterization using quantitative magnetic resonance imaging techniques in murine breast cancer models, including dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) MRI, blood-oxygen-level dependent (BOLD) MRI, and hyperpolarized 13C magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging.
    Funniest Experience in the Lab: When a desk spot opened up near the rest of my lab group, they let me know with an email entitled "Space For Rent! Open House TODAY" which included quips such as, "Are you looking for a new and spacious venue to conduct your groundbreaking scientific research? Somewhere quiet and tranquil, yet filled with an undercurrent of vibrant intellectual energy? Then LOOK NO FURTHER. Have we got the opportunity for you!"
    Career Goals: Work as a clinical medical physicist

  • Katherine Banowetz

    Katherine Banowetz
    Education: Oregon State University, BS 2016 (physics)
    Research Interests: Methods of motion compensation and improving breathing patterns for higher quality lung MRI images
    Funniest Experience in the Lab: Can’t pick just one!
    Career Goals: Work as a clinical medical physicist

  • Benjamin L. Cox

    Benjamin L Cox
    Research Interests: 13C Spectroscopy
    Funniest Experience in the Lab: I broke a surface coil when I started in lab (not sure if that's funny or sad?)
    Career Goals: Clinical engineer, building medical devices from imaging data

  • Jeff Kammerman

    Jeff Kammerman

  • Kai Ludwig

    Kai Ludwig
    Education: University of Wisconsin–Madison, BS 2013 (biochemistry major, physics minor), MS 2015 (medical physics)
    Research Interests: Development and validation of MRI techniques for perfusion imaging (with ASL and DCE) and cell tracking (with 19F contrast MRI)
    Funniest Experience in the Lab: Playing music files using the MRI scanner’s gradients
    Career Goals: Research position as a postdoc or in industry

  • David Mummy, MBA

    David Mummy, MBA
    Education: Whitman College, BA (math and physics); Seattle University, MBA
    Department: Biomedical Engineering
    Research Interests: Applications of CT and hyperpolarized gas MRI in asthma
    Funniest Experience in the Lab: Can’t spin this—there’s nothing that would resonate. We’re not a very magnetic field. Kind of a bore, actually.
    Career Goals: Post-doc, PI or research scientist in academia.

  • Luis Torres

    Luis Torres
    Education: BS (physics)
    Research Interests: Lung Perfusion MRI
    Funniest Experience in the Lab: The time Kai showed me a video of his band performing screamo music on YouTube.
    Career Goals: Undecided

Undergraduate Students

  • Alec Bernstein

    Alec Bernstein

  • Carter Griest

    Carter Griest
    Major: Biomedical Engineering with an emphasis on tissue engineering
    Research Interests: Childhood asthma and MR imaging with hyperpolarized gas agents
    Funniest Experience in the Lab: After a long day in the lab, I was able to lock myself out of the lab and had to return the next day to retrieve my belongings.
    Career Goals: to attend medical school

  • Shannon Kehoe

    Shannon Kehoe
    Major: Kinesiology with certificate in Global Health
    Research Interests: MRI-guided airway samples
    Funniest Experience in the Lab: I haven't really been in the lab long, so I don't really have a funny experience yet, but I enjoyed getting ice cream with everyone.
    Career Goals: I plan to go to Medical School and become a doctor. I am interested in Radiology, but I am keeping an open mind to other specialties. I also hope to study Public Health, and maybe do something with Global Health.

  • Tyler Lampkins

    Tyler Lampkins

  • Guy Olson

    Guy Olson
    Major: Neurobiology
    Research Interests: Application of Lung Volumes
    Funniest Experience in the Lab: For this entire semester I was under the impression I was dealing with CT lung volumes when in actuality they were MRI.
    Career Goals: Attend medical school and become a doctor


  • Nathan Artz, PhD

    Nathan Artz, PhD
    Thesis Title: Assessing Renal Perfusion in Native and Transplanted Kidneys Using Arterial Spin Labeling MRI
    Current Position: Medical Physicist, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

  • Laura Bell, PhD

    Laura Bell, PhD
    Thesis Title: Assessment of Pulmonary Perfusion using T1-Weighted Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI
    Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Barrow Neurological Institute

  • Jeremy Gordon, PhD

    Jeremy Gordon, PhD
    Thesis Title: Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Hyperpolarized 13C Contrast Agents
    Current Position: Senior Development Engineer, Department of Radiology, University of California at San Francisco

  • James Holmes, PhD

    James Holmes, PhD
    Thesis Title: Non-Invasive Fusion Imaging for Regional Evaluation of Obstructive Lung Disease Using MRI and PET
    Current Position: Senior Scientist, Department of Radiology, Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Stanley Kruger, PhD

    Stanley Kruger, PhD
    Thesis Title: Regional Pulmonary Ventilation Assessment with MRI
    Current Position: PSD / Applications Engineer, GE Healthcare

  • Rachel McKinsey, PhD

    Rachel McKinsey, PhD
    Thesis Title: A Study of Cerebral Perfusion in Alzheimer’s Dementia and Adult Offspring of Patients with Alzheimer’s Dementia Using Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast MRI
    Current Position: Medical Physicist, e+CancerCare

  • Davd Niles, PhD

    Davd Niles, PhD
    Thesis Title: MRI Biomarkers for Renal Function and Disease
    Current Position: Research Associate, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Wisconsin–Madison
    Current Research Interests: Imaging applications for circulating tumor cells

  • Rafael O'Halloran, PhD

    Rafael O'Halloran, PhD
    Thesis Title: Accelerated Imaging with Constrained Reconstruction and Under-Sampled Radial Acquisition: to Hyperpolarized Helium-3 MRI
    Current Position: Assistant Professor, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

  • Eric Peterson, PhD

    Eric Peterson, PhD
    Thesis Title: Functional MR Imaging Using Hyperpolarized Contrast Agents
    Current Position: Research Scientist, SRI International

  • Alfonso Rodriguez, PhD

    Alfonso Rodriguez, PhD
    Thesis Title: The Effect of High Resolution Kernels, Iterative Reconstruction, and Acquisition Parameters on Quantitative Computed Tomography Measures of the Lung
    Current Position: Resident, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

  • Matthew Smith, PhD

    Matthew Smith, PhD
    Thesis Title: Interventional MRI Hardware and Functional Imaging Techniques for Detection and Staging of Cancer
    Current Position: Medical Student, University of Wisconsin–Madison

  • Kang Wang, PhD

    Kang Wang, PhD
    Thesis Title: Application of Accelerated Acquisition and Highly Constrained Reconstruction Methods to MR
    Current Position: Scientist, GE Healthcare

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