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Medical Physics Seminar – Monday, January 30, 2012

[CANCELLED]_AAPM Initiatives: 2012 and Beyond [CANCELLED]

[CANCELLED]_Dr. Gary A. Ezzell (guest of Dr. Larry DeWerd)
Radiation Oncology, Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ

Note: this seminar has been cancelled! AAPM has strategic initiatives that will take some years of consistent effort. These fall into the categories of: (1) adequate supply of qualified medical physicists, (2) proper utilization of qualified physicists, (3) practice standards and accreditation, (4) emphasis on patient safety, and (5) effective governance of our organization. These involve all of our Councils: Science, Education, Professional, and Administrative. This talk will summarize the major efforts and the associated challenges and opportunities.

Location: 1325 (HSLC) Health Sciences Learning Center, 750 Highland Avenue, Madison, WI 53705

Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm

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