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Past and ongoing projects

  • Prevalence and servity of hepatic steatosis in overweight adolescents, Dr. Ellen Connor, Pediatrics
  • Cherokee middle school fitness study, Dr. Aaron Carrel, Pediatrics
  • Therapeutic effect in mouse models of pediatric cerebral ischemia, Dr. Peter Ferrazzano, Pediatrics
  • Pharmacodynamic study of Axitinib in patients with advanced solid malignancies, Dr. Glenn Liu, Oncology
  • Pharmacodynamic response assessment with PET/MRI imaging in patients with metastatic prostate cancer to bone treated with ZD4054, Dr. Glenn Liu, Oncology
  • Uni-dimensional and volumetric measurements of tumors, Dr. Glenn Liu, Oncology 
  • Cleft lip and palate results from Hedgehog signaling antagonism in the mouse, Dr. Rob Lipinski, Surgery
  • Tumor initiation by cancer stem cells isolated from glioblastoma multiforme, Dr. Paul Clark, Neurosurgery
  • Inhaled Fluticasone effects on upper airway patency in obstructive lung disease, Dr. Mihaela Teodorescu, Medicine
  • Semi-automatic segmentation of knee cartilage and 3D thickness measurements, Richard Kijowski, Radiology
  • Depth dependent detectability of randomly distributed anechoic spheres, Ernest Madsen, Medical Physics
  • Acute kidney rejection study, Dr. Elizabeth Sadowski, Radiology

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