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Image analyses of biomedical images range from simple analysis (e.g., image normalization, ROI delineation) to more comprehensive analysis (e.g., compartmental kinetic modeling), as is often required for extraction of functional and molecular information from dynamic imaging datasets. In cases where multiple imaging modalities are involved (e.g., PET and MRI) or where multiple imaging of the same object/patient is performed (e.g., treatment assessment of tumor response with PET/CT) the analysis becomes even more laborious and challenging as they require proper intra-normalization and coregistration of the anatomies.

  • Protocol design consultingPET Scan Animation
  • Image segmentation
  • Image coregistration/fusion
  • Image-based measurement and modeling (e.g. perfusion)
  • Image-based dosimetry, calibration, and normalization
  • Compartment kinetic modeling
  • Education and training (graduate students, radiology residents)

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