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Support UW Medical Physics

The Department of Medical Physics Annual Fund Program is a meaningful way to support the department’s educational and research programs. This unique program owes its success to medical physics pioneers John Cameron and Herb Attix. Other early leaders who were steadfast in their support of this program include Charles Kelsey, Paul Moran, and Dick Mazess. Together, these individuals laid the framework for a program that would provide training and research opportunities for many of the leading medical physicists in the country.

You can continue to be a part of the Cameron-Attix tradition by helping to build and foster this program. Graduate training in medical physics demands many resources, including equipment, student stipends, and facilities. Donations to the University of Wisconsin Medical Physics Department through the UW Foundation are critically important to enhance these programs, support students, purchase modern equipment, and initiate new research programs.

There are three funds that you can select from when making a donation:

  • The Medical Physics Fund is used for general support of department teaching and research.
  • The John Cameron Memorial Fund is used to support the establishment and ongoing development of medical physics / medical imaging facilities in the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (formerly the Interdisciplinary Research Complex).
  • The Herb Attix Fund was established to recognize Herb’s significant contributions to medical physics. The fund currently supports graduate students selected by the department’s Executive Committee to be Herb Attix Fellows.

Each fund is managed at the University of Wisconsin Foundation. The faculty, staff, students, and residents of the Department of Medical Physics are very grateful for your support.

If you have questions about any of the three Medical Physics funds, please contact Amy Martens at 608-262-2170 ( or Ed Jackson at 608-263-8037 (