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I am currently a Ph.D. dissertator in Medical Physics Department at the  University of Wisconsin-Madison, advised by Professor Diego Hernando and Scott Reeder. My research interest lies in the pulse sequence design and signal modeling of quantitative diffusion MRI in the body.

I received the B.S degree from Tsinghua University in 2016, where I worked on MR Thermometry with Professor Kui Ying. 

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  • Motion-Robust and Blood-Suppressed M1-Optimized Diffusion MR Imaging of the Liver
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  • STimulated Echo based Mapping (STEM) of T1, T2 and Apparent Diffusion Coefficient: Validation and Protocol Optimization
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  • Quantitative Diffusion MRI using Reduced Field-of-View and Multi-Shot Acquisition Techniques: Validation in Phantoms and Prostate Imaging
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  • Conformable liquid metal printed epidermal electronics for smart physiological monitoring and simulation treatment
    [IOPScience] [PDF]
    Xuelin Wang, Yuxin Zhang, Rui Guo, Hongzhang Wang, Bo Yuan, Jing Liu
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  • Dual-echo Z-shimmed proton resonance frequency shift magnetic resonance thermometry near metallic ablation probes: Technique and temperature precision
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  • Kalman Filtered Bio Heat Transfer Model Based Self-adaptive Hybrid Magnetic Resonance Thermometry
    [Wiley] [PDF]
    Yuxin Zhang, Yong Li, Shuo Chen, Kexin Deng, Bingyao Chen, Xing Wei, Jiafei Yang, Shi Wang, Kui Ying
      IEEE TMI   IEEE Transaction on Medical Imaging 2016;36(1):194-202

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  • " The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved. "
    - Victor Hugo

  • It is my greatest fortune to have a very thoughtful and talented husband (who is also a PhD student in UW). We also have two beloved cats (Echo and Proton).


  • Email: yzhang785@wisc.edu
    Office: 2458B WIMR II
    Address:1111 Highland Ave, Madison, WI 53705