Celebrating 40 Years of Medical Physics

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Department of Medical Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Each month over the course of 2021 we will highlight one piece of the department’s history. We are excited to share stories of the department’s founding and ways it continues to evolve, instrumental research findings, and the people who helped shape the department into what it is today.

Thanks to all of you for being a part of this community over the last 40 years, and for your continued support. It has been exciting to see the new collaborations between faculty, students and alumni to create unique professional experiences and research discoveries around the world.

-Timothy J. Hall, Interim Chair

January: 40 Years of Medical Physics: Sowing the Seeds for the Future

February: Jack of all Trades, Master of Many: Dr. Paul M. DeLuca Jr.'s Storied Four-Decade Career in Medical Physics and Beyond

March: The First Woman With a Medical Physics Doctorate Degree

April - Medical Physics Then & Now

May: Dr. Chuck Mistretta's Fifty Years of Research and Teaching

June: The Wisconsin Medical Radiation Research Center

August: The Origins of Radiation Dosimetry

September: Welcoming the New Chair

October: Educational Excellence